Is EBSCO right for you?

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EBSCO Industries, a Forbes’ top privately-held company, headquartered in Birmingham has 6,000 employees in 25 businesses worldwide.  Better yet, this innovative company has loyal employees who love their jobs.  And, they are hiring!  Is EBSCO right for you?

In our latest post, we covered what EBSCO Industries does.  To catch up on the global impact of this company and their history, watch their video.

Culture of Ownership

Today, company culture is widely held as one of the most crucial components determining employee job satisfaction.  EBSCO employees can’t say enough about the atmosphere and character of the people they work with.

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“The culture here is an ownership culture that really pushes each individual for innovation and rewards it.”  -Brian

This single company has businesses in a wide range of fields like publishing, digital media, information services, manufacturing, distribution, real estate, and insurance. Yet, this large, diversified company cultivates a rewarding environment for its employees.

“I’d encourage people that want to grow their skills to come to EBSCO because we have a wide range of opportunities and a wide range of skills that you can certainly use to better your career.


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Soon after starting her position, Lauren discovered a similar opportunity to grow.  She said,

“Not long after I started, a big project dropped in my lap and the next thing I knew I was in the board room presenting ideas to the CEO.”  -Lauren

Realizing Your Potential

The contributing factor to the quality of this company’s culture is that they recognize the value of each individual employee.

“What I love about EBSCO is that your opinions and your ideas are totally valued.”  -Zach

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Not only that, but they care about your growth as an employee and as a person.

Passionate Employees

“You will be hard pressed to ever find a company that has more passionate people that care about what they’re doing and care about helping you to advance and to grow not only technically, but also professionally and even personally.”                                      -Blake, chairman of the technology council

To learn more about this innovative company’s approach toward their employees, watch their video.

Could EBSCO be right for you?  Check out their job openings in Birmingham.

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