Did you know that Birmingham is home to a Forbes top privately held company?

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EBSCO Industries is a large, diversified company that is a worldwide leader in  providing a broad range of products and services including fishing lures, promotional products, information resources for libraries, real estate development, and insurance services, among others.  And, it is headquartered right here in Birmingham, AL.  What is it like to work at EBSCO?

At EBSCO, we are customer focused and sales driven. We always have been, and we always will be.
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EBSCO Industries
From the top of the company to the bottom, there’s a tendency to want to improve across the board. Cancer researchers and other researchers of the world use EBSCO’s content and products to get the information they need.
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Jobs in Web development 
This department is where user interface is developed.
We’re the thing that people see. We know that this new feature we put into our product, there’s going to be somebody using it. And that’s a good feeling. It’s why I moved into web development in the first place.
Characteristics of EBSCO Industries
  • Team work
  • Solving complex problems
  • Like minded individuals
  • Goal-oriented

One of EBSCO’s key values is respect for people. Through the framework the company has adopted, they allow the people to complete tasks with respect for everyone.

People aren’t telling people what work needs to get done, they’re allowing the team to determine, “what can we get done given our capacity?”
-Sara, EBSCO
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Growth Opportunities at EBSCO

The people who work for EBSCO have the capacity to move horizontally between other teams and vertically within the company. You have the ability to develop your career right within EBSCO. You don’t have to go somewhere else.
I’m certainly an example of some of the growth opportunities at EBSCO.  I started here as an Intern… I was doing manual testing, I picked up some automation testing, I was an automation engineer. I became a project lead[er], team lead[er], and eventually now a manager.
-Cristina, EBSCO

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EBSCO gives opportunities for employees to expand their expertise in skill sets and gain experience.
Check out some open jobs at EBSCO.
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