Moonlight on the Mountain: check out this music venue in Bluff Park!

Moonlight on the Mountain
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Let’s be honest, Birmingham has great music and even better music venues.  Moonlight on the Mountain, a listening room in Bluff Park, puts a fresh spin on the house concert craze we all know and love.

Although Birmingham has a smorgasbord of music venues for concert-goers to choose from, this one is doing something different.  Located at 585 Shades Crest Road in Bluff Park, Moonlight on the Mountain offers a new experience for concert-goers.

A Listening Room
Moonlight on the Mountain
Via Moonlight’s Facebook

LISTENING is what makes The Moonlight different from other live music venues. Here, the performing artist is the most important person in the room, while they are on stage. We cater to an audience who comes to pay respectful attention to the talent being presented. Let’s keep it special.                                                                                                           -Moonlight founder Keith Harrelson

Moonlight on the Mountain highlights the musician rather than the audience.  Singer-songwriters from all genres are lining up at this venue, including country, indie, blues, and folk.  This intimate venue seats about 80-100 eager individuals.

B.Y.O.C (Bring Your Own Cooler)
Moonlight on the Mountain
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That’s right, while Moonlight is not currently serving food or beverages, attendees are welcome to bring a small cooler of refreshments of their choice.

Doors open at 6:45 and shows start at 7:30.  Seats are first come first serve!

Calling All Performers!
Moonlight on the Mountain
Via Moonlight’s Facebook

An Open Mic series hosts 12 performers on the first and third Monday of every month.  Tickets are only $5 (for audience members and performers) and winners receive a cash prize of up to $50!

There are two open mic series per year, lasting six months each.  12 winners per series compete at a Grand Playoff for studio time at Higher Ground Studios. This Grand Playoff winner receives the opportunity to perform at Bluff Park Community events and a spot on The Moonlight Calendar.

  •  The Winter Series Grand Playoff is currently scheduled for June 19, 2017.
  • The Summer Series will start in July 2017 — with the Grand Playoff held in January 2018.
Moonlight on the Mountain
Mighty Brother (NOLA) + The Other Day play May 21
Moonlight on the Mountain
Lisa Mills plays May 25

See more of their upcoming events and buy your tickets now!

Want to make a night of it?  Go early and watch the sunset at Tip Top Grill before the show!
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