Beer with brunch: coming soon to a county near you?

The Silvertron Cafe would love to pickle you on Sunday brunch, but that’s illegal (for now) – image rehosted from

Alabama may pass a law allowing pre-noon alcohol sales on Sunday.

Alabama House Representative Juandalynn Givan, along with others has proposed HB353, which “would authorize the county commission… or municipal governing body… to extend the time of sale to commence at 10:00am on Sundays for on-premises consumption.”  The wording of the bill itself does not specify whether those individual commissions would need to work through the Alabama legislature as a whole. Local restaurants seem enthusiastic about the bill, including Silvertron Cafe owner Marco Morosini, speaking with WVTM News.

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The bill’s main sponsor, Jefferson County’s Juandalynn Givan, was unavailable to answer further questions.  If HB353 becomes law, then it will represent a remarkable step towards a more libertine approach to alcohol – Alabama currently holds the dubious honor of levying “some of the highest state taxes on alcohol in the United States.”

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