Birmingham’s top ten next week: March 23rd to 29th

The Burning Peppermints – image rehosted from

Reminder: don’t click on band names if you’re not supposed to be listening to music (at least until you have some earbuds)

Burning Peppermints
A local original, The Burning Peppermints will warn you that they are aliens.  No matter what they tell you, they do not have psychokinetic powers, nor should you consider any demonstration of the previous to be anything but a dream.  Any alien activity should be reported to the nearest federal authorities.
Reports of sightings indicate they will be at Saturn on March 23rd, starting at 9pm  Read more

Magic City Cycliad
Cancer is bad.  Cycling is good.  Cycling to raise money to fight cancer is very good.  Brunch at Railroad Park after cycling to raise money to fight cancer is very very good, and will be provided by We Have Donuts, Domestique Coffee, Silvertron Cafe, and Buck Mulligan’s.  Come out and ride on March 25th, starting at 8am!  Read more

Flora Photography
You should at least be familiar with Birmingham’s Botanical Gardens, and if you’re not then here’s a chance to learn about the gardens and photography!  Learn about both photography in general and flora photography specifically!  You should bring a digital camera with manual options – if you don’t know what those are, think the bigger DSLR cameras by Nikon or Canon.  The class is on March 25th, starting at 9am Read more

AirWave supports Alabama’s water protection organizations – rehosted from their facebook page

AirWave Block Party
Free concerts are cool, but free festivals are better!  The 6th annual AirWave block party is free to attend, featuring live music all day, food trucks, local artists, and more!  Proceeds from beer sales go to support Alabama’s Black Warrior, Cahaba and Coosa Riverkeeper organizations.  Clean water means better beer, so come out and show your support for great beer and local artists on March 25th, starting 1pm!  Read more

Jon Poor Album Release Party
Jon Poor is releasing a new album, and that means a concert promotion!  Come hear songs from his new album, “Blank Domino,” at the Bloody Mary Bar March 26th starting 1pm  Read more

hero Birmingham's top ten next week: March 23rd to 29th
From a previous Field Band and Soldier’s Chorus event – image rehosted from

US Army Field Band and Soldier’s Chorus
The US Army does more than “kill people and break things,” and this free show demonstrates the discipline, commitment, and training that led to this performing component playing for inaugural parades and diplomatic missions.  Fireworks inside the venue are probably discouraged.  Reserve your free ticket now for the show on March 26th, starting 4pm!  Read more

Weekly Business Networking Meeting
iRefer meets every Tuesday morning for breakfast and networking.  These meetings consist of minute presentations: who you are, what you’re pitching, and what you’re looking for.  Bring business cards and energy on March 28th, starting 8am  Read more

Better than Therapy Book Club
Reading is a fantastic way to unwind.  Commit to reading The Nest and joining a discussion at the Homewood Library March 29th starting 2pm  Read more

heavvy pets pensacola crop Birmingham's top ten next week: March 23rd to 29th
The Heavy Pets – image rehosted from

Backup Planet and The Heavy Pets
Chill out and see some great rock at Zydeco.  Funk rock Backup Planet headlines, supported by reggae-jazz-funk-80s rock jam band The Heavy Pets.  The best way to describe these guys is to let you listen to them!  This concert is on March 29th, starting 9.30pm  Read more

Adult Spelling Bee
“It’s the most extravagant, whimsical, and least child-friendly spelling bee in Alabama history!”  Remember your school spelling bees?  This is like that mixed with Cards Against Humanity.  Get some friends together and either try for delusional glory or drink and watch the sure-to-be-entertaining competition at Saturn on March 29th, starting 8pm!  Read more

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