UAB’s Jim McClintock talks climate change on NPR’s Morning Edition

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Photo of Antarctica taken by UAB’s Dr. Jim McClintock earlier this year –

Yesterday morning, Bham Now readers heard a familiar voice on NPR’s Morning Edition – last year’s Bham Now speaker UAB’s Jim McClintock.

McClintock, who was interviewed from Palmer Station, his research facility in Antarctica, talked about how the climate is changing right before his eyes.

” It was quite exciting, 15 years ago, to see a calving, a big chunk of ice, hit the water up in the bay next to the station. The entire station staff would leap up and run down the halls and throw open the doors and look out the windows and watch this big event as the waves came down the bay. And when I arrived here several weeks ago, I was struck immediately by the changes in the glacier and the fact that it was lopping off these huge pieces of ice, instead of once a week, several times a day. So dramatic changes just in front of my eyes over this 15-year period,” stated McClintock.


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Check out the entire interview – audio and the written transcript – today at NPR’s Morning Edition website.

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