Small Business Monday – Spotlight On Club Duquette

Birmingham AL
Morgan, Tennessee and Duquette Johnston
Club Duquette, located at 17 55th Place South, is one of Woodlawn’s newest businesses. The shop, which opened in late September 2016, is owned and operated by it’s namesake, Duquette Johnston and his wife, Morgan.   They’ve lived in East Lake for almost a decade, with Duquette having made music in Woodlawn for almost as long.  The newest member of their business team is their three-year-old son, Tennessee Wolf.

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Duquette explains what makes his store special.  “We carry men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, clean skincare, some vintage military stuff from around the world, good vibe stuff. Everything in the shop has a great story, great manufacturing and great function for long wear and easy living. Club Duquette is all about clothing, supplies and vibes. “
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“We love all of our products and only carry stuff we love and use in our own lives. Club Duquette is the only place in Alabama you can find most of our lines, and we make a lot in house too. You might pop in one day while Morgan is sewing patches on jackets or making bracelets with lava rock and turquoise. “
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Club Duquette carries the Big Bear Wax Company’s line of candles and products. The two businesses share space at 17 55th Place South in Woodlawn.

“Woodlawn and the Woodlawn business district is home for us. We’ve been making music with Communicating Vessels for over six years in Woodlawn. It’s walkable. It’s historic. It’s a neighborhood that’s been there forever, and it’s a five minute drive from our house. “
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“We want folks to know that we love turning people onto other cool, small businesses- the guys designing and making Taylor Stitch in California, our buddies Juniper Ridge who sustainably wildcraft plants and herbs to make teas and washes and incense, One Feather Press, a one man print shop who makes these amazing selvedge bandanas in East Nashville and so many more great people and stories and products.  We love connecting with and promoting our community. That’s hugely important to us. Ultimately we want people to know that Club Duquette is an open door to everyone. Anyone can come in and connect and raise the vibes.”
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“The hardest thing about being a small business owner is that the schedule is pretty crazy. It’s a 24 hour gig, but we love it so much. It can be hard on our three-year-old, but we always put family first. That helps determine what we say yes or no to very quickly. There’s a learning curve, of course since we don’t have a business background, but we’ve got great advisors in a lot of places. We are grateful for that. “
Birmingham AL
Club Duquette recently served as a venue for The Sound Edge Festival, which brought many music fans (and shoppers) into Woodlawn on a Friday night.
“Being a small business owner is a dream! Club Duquette is the realization of a decade long dream, crazy hard work and it’s where community and family meet for us.  Our hope for the future is that Birmingham continues to see growth with incredible diversity; that people and other small businesses would lift each other up and encourage each other. “
Birmingham AL
Duquette Johnston. Photo courtesy of Woodlawn YWCA photography student, Demetria Brewster.

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