New Sushi Restaurant Open Now at the Summit

Ahbi at the Summit Birmingham AL new sushi Restaraunt open
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Who doesn’t need more sushi? Especially from Bham’s favorite sushi maker, Ahbi Sainju. Now you can enjoy even more authentic cuisine in our community!

Named one of Birmingham Business Journal’s 2015 list of Up-and-Coming Chefs, Ahbi Sainju, is known around town for his authentic, creative culinary skills. This Nepalese chef is bringing his talents to a brand new restaurant.

Ahbi Sainju Summit sushi Birmingham al new Restaraunt
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It is located at 300 Summit Blvd, where Primeaux Cheese & Vino once was. For now, the restaurant offers only dinner hours but will soon branch out to lunch hours.

 The menu will consist of Sainju’s fan favorites such as his Wham Bam (the Birmingham Sushi Roll), Kathmandu Fried Chicken, and spicy miso noodle bowls. Of course, there will be new dishes as well as Asian inspired cocktails. Something Agni fans are excited for is the possibility of a secret menu, that changes periodically.

New sushi restaurant Agni Sainju birmingham Summit al
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Sainju will be partnering with the Urban Food Project to help create his his freshly produced dishes as well as support sustainability in our city. 

Currently, you can check out this new spot from 5-10pm on Monday through Friday and on Sunday from 5-9pm.

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