What you missed – #BOLDSpeakerSeries03 with Will Lochamy & Scott Register

When we think about people in the Birmingham area who are “Bold Movers”, Will Lochamy and Scott Register are two people who come to mind.

Thursday night, at Good People Brewing Co., Bham Now hosted its 3rd BOLD Speaker Series featuring the iconic Bham radio hosts of The Morning Blend  by Birmingham Mountain Radio.

edit DSC 0306 What you missed - #BOLDSpeakerSeries03 with Will Lochamy & Scott Register
Photo by Kristina O’Quinn

Will Lochamy
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Photo by Kristina O’Quinn
  • Grew up in Bluff Park.  Still lives there.
  • Studied Aeronautics
  • Served as a commentator for ESPN’s SEC network in 2013, next to Paul Finebaum
  • Has hosted the “Iron Bowl Hour” for 3 Seasons
  • Host of Oh Brother Radio with his brother Reed Lochamy
  • Host of “Morning Blend” with Reg since 2016 (Monday – Friday 6am to 10am)
Scott Register, aka ‘Reg’
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Photo by Kristina O’Quinn
  • Grew up in Vestavia Hills.  Still lives there.
  • Went to Auburn.  Majored in Journalism.
  • Host of “Reg’s Coffee Housefor 20 years!
  • Host of the Morning Blend since 2008
  • Head of AMR for “Think Indie Distribution
  • Winner of favorite radio host for many years in Birmingham.

Good People Brewery, Birmingham
The Can Room at Good People Brewery

We gathering in the ‘can room’ at Good People Brewery. Reg and Will gave the Bham Now audience some rare personal insight into what makes them tick.

“What was your greatest moment on the air?”

According to Reg, it is “anytime I’m behind the mic’.

According to Will, other than the day he joined Reg on The Morning Blend, (September 12th, 2016) he counts moments on the Oh Brother Radio show with his brother Reed as some of the greatest moments on air.

“I talk to college and high schools a lot and I say, ‘if you can, you need to find something that you enjoy and your good at…'”

– Will

“If you could go back 20 years, what would you do differently?”

Will says he would have “taken Dave Ramsey a little more seriously…”

Other than that, both love what they do and wouldn’t change a thing.

We did find that Will prefers a little structure and Reg likes to ‘go with the flow’.  That’s probably why they make a great partnership!

“What do you love about Birmingham?”

The growth and revitalization within Birmingham is not something to pass over. Both love the direction our city is taking in terms of development, restaurants and community.

BTW – Reg LOVES Ethiopian food.

“What are you guys most excited about for 2017?”

Other than the show, The Morning Blend, which Reg described as “just fun and having a good time”, Will is genuinely excited about the city elections coming up.

IMG 1130 What you missed - #BOLDSpeakerSeries03 with Will Lochamy & Scott Register
Photo by Wade Cline

 “There are people running now, and if they get support, will they actually make a difference?”

Bham Now presented a check to representatives from Greater Birmingham Humane Society (GBHS) and to Kulture City, the chosen charities of Reg and Will, respectively.

As a bonus, the GBHS Adoption Truck was on location with some of the most adorable, adoptable pets you can image.  Here are a few:

Greater Birmingham Humane Society
Adoptable Dog and GBHS Volunteer
Greater birmingham humane society
Getting some love from an adoptable beauty.
Greater Birmingham Humane Society
Terry Schrimsher with GBHS volunteer and cutie pie














Thank you, Will and Reg, for a fun and interesting evening!

Stay tuned for our next BOLD series to be announced soon.

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