1MillionCupsBham Presentation – “Unum Health”

After entering into the Blazer Innovation Challenge this past year, Jeremy Mock and his partner realized the validity and practicality of their business, Unum Health.

The business is supported off the idea that EMR’s (Electronic Medical Records) are wasting valuable time for doctors, nurses, and practitioners…

IMG 0811 1MillionCupsBham Presentation - "Unum Health"
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The Problem:

“People Hate EMR’s” – mainly the Doctors and Nurses that have to use them from day to day.

Talking to one nurse, Jeremy said

“they feel like they are out dated.”

Putting aside the amount of time wasted on the old platform, economically speaking it is spending way to much money.

  • 2009 – $2.18 Billion had been spent on improving the application to “shave off wait time” which was around 23 minutes
  • Today – about $7 Billion has been spent on improvement which has shaved off 1 minute, of wait time, from 2009…

The Solution:

Unum Health –

“a medical care scheduling and administrative organization application with telemedicine and 3rd party lifestyle integrations.”

The company has developed a 3 tier system of “nested health care design”.

  • Scheduling/Processing
  • Telemedicine
  • Health/Lifestyle Analytics

Instead of having to go through the process of calling up a doctor, filling out your paper work, and waiting to go back into the room, the process becomes much more efficient by using advanced technology.

How it Works:

There are two ways of making the process more efficient and beneficial.

Patients – 

To pin point the patients needs/wants the application will ask 4 questions:

  • What kind of doctor are you looking for?
  • What insurance does the doctor accept?
  • When is the doctor available?
  • How close is the doctor to you?

Along with all of this, the app. includes a profile system with you personal info including:

  • Your vitals – which the last doctor will log in with the last visit.
  • Records – The notes from the doctor after each visit
  • Prescription History
  • Lifestyle – This hopes to integrate your fit-bit and “apple health” into the info.

Doctors – 

The Business Side:

Because without a model to make money, the system couldn’t run properly 😉

The Plan:

Currently, the company is in the user interfacing prototyping phase and plans to have a workable model out by February 19th.

By March 10th – 

“We want to start prototyping interface for the physicians.”

“Alpha Testing” is next where users will then try the applications on Android and IOS.

April 15th is the planned date to have doctors on the other end to truly make the application serve its full purpose.

April 30th is the final product showcase and the full application will be ready for the market.

Are you a doctor? Do you find Unum Health to be a viable solution for doctors to safe time?

Contact jeremy@unumhealth.com or (256)-783-5370 to talk about helping him out with furthering his business!

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