Electric Vehicles can now Charge up on UAB’s campus

Birmingham AL UAB EV Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Courtesy of Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition

New Chargers for Electric Vehicle (EV) users have made their way onto UAB’s campus. A total of 6 new EV charging ports have been added to three different locations across campus.

With UAB’s commitment to improving their campuswide sustainable ways, it should be no surprise that the first EV charging stations were installed in 2016. There were 6 240V, level 2 plug units across campus. Since this type of port requires charging a vehicle overnight, the upgrade could not come soon enough. The new stations can charge a vehicle in up to 4 hours.

Here’s where to find them.

  • Parking Lot 5A, located adjacent to the Hill University Center
  • Parking Lot 77, located adjacent to the Center for Community Outreach Development 19
  • Express Lot 4, a new remote parking lot on 5th avenue

The stations work through the ChargePoint mobile app. They require only a $1 an hour fee for use.

UAB will continue to add additional units based on demand.

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