Church of the Highlands having trouble securing Fultondale Location

As previously reported, Church of the Highlands is seeking to expand operations into Fultondale for its community members in the area.

Although a noble cause, rezoning issues are keeping the mega church from moving forward.

Church of the Highlands' main campus is on Grants Mill Road.
Main Campus off of Grants Mill Road

At the beginning of 2017, a rejection of the rezoning proposal put a stop to the process.

The problem ensued when the city realized the 60 acre lot would be taking away from the city’s availability of commercial real estate.

This is a clear problem especially with the major revitalization of commercial property within Birmingham.

“Zoning officials said the decision wasn’t one against Church of the Highlands, but rather the notion of putting a tax-free property in a commercial district where tax revenue plays a major role.”

– Time Steere, with the BBJ

The city will be working with Church of the Highlands to find another piece of land in Fultondale.

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