Homewood’s Market Table finally open! Another tenant coming soon

Like the Magic City, Homewood is getting a taste of new restaurants, retail, and office space.

Currently, within the Soho development, there is a new business soon to show up (Restaurant/Butcher Shop) as well new retail parcels.

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“Market Table” – Breakfast/Lunch spot with Butcher Shop

Located in the former Which Wich – 1830 29th Ave. S. – this new eatery and shop will feature locally sourced, non-GMO foods.

Oh, and they will offer local craft beer and wines. So I’d say this is worth it.

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“Market Table” will be located in the former Which Wich in Homewood. A perfect spot, right in the heart of the little city.

“We want to be a trusted source for providing delicious food that you can also trust is locally sourced…”

– Laurel Mills, First Avenue Ventures, told the Homewood Star

The Cafe Menu
  • Sandwiches
  • Salads
  • Bowl Dishes
Breakfast Menu
  • “Classic dishes with a spin”
  • Sausage
  • Bacon prepared in house (benefit of having a butcher)
The Butcher Menu

Expect a variety of cuts of…

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Pork

“If you can think of a meat, we will have it or we will find a way to get it to you…”

– Laurel Mills

Open and ready for business – Check them out!

Renovation of vacant Do Di Yo’s

Capital Properties and Soho co-developer Scott Bryant are transforming the former Do Di Yo’s, 9,000 Sq. Foot property, into 3 retail parcels.

In 2015, Do Di Yo’s closed down and nothing has touched the property since. I’d it is certainly time to revitalize the vacant space.

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The former Do Di Yo’s space has been left vacant since 2015. Now, it will be come retail, hopefully soon. Photo by Sydney Cromwell
Possible Tenant Details:

In the store front you see in the picture above, the developers are planning on a new restaurant – located at 1831 28th Ave. S. – so to utilize the existing kitchen and dining area.

There will either be 1 or 2 tenants to occupy the rest of the 9,000 Sq. Feet; this depends on the type of business they find next.

  • Office Space
  • Technology Company
  • “Soft Goods” retails – maybe women’s apparel

“The worst thing we can do for ourselves is create competition when you don’t have to…”

Bubba Smith, Capital Properties, told the Homewood Star

In terms of completion, and store opening dates, the developers are aiming for mid-summer for renovation completion. The fall time is probably the most probable time of doors opening for the new tenants.

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