Birmingham will soon get a taste of Authentic Japanese

How long will it be till Birmingham is truly known as a “foodie city”?

As more restaurants pop up around the Magic City, our chances go up, especially when the flavor is quite authentic.

Local businessman Rick Newton plans to open Kyoto Yakitori in the Ideal Building, which has recently been renovated.
Kyoto Yakitori is local businessman Rick Newton’s vision for Birmingham Japanese food.

Rick Newton, a local businessman in Birmingham, has signed a deal to establish his authentic Japanese restaurant, Kyoto Yakitori, on the bottom level of the Ideal Building.

The name was inspired by the city Kyoto, which he has visited quite often, and the yakitori style of cuisine, which is native to the Japanese culture.

IMG 2172 Birmingham will soon get a taste of Authentic Japanese
Photo provided by Rick Newton

“At yakitori places in Japan, guests linger, and they order multiple rounds of food and drinks…”

– Mr. Newton told the BBJ

  • Open date – Some time within the third quarter of the year
  • Location –  in the 19th St N Ideal Building across from Pizitz, not the 2nd Ave one (can be easy to mix up).

IMG 2173 Birmingham will soon get a taste of Authentic Japanese

Could there be a better location?

With unique food offerings hitting the streets of downtown, such as Tropicaleo, Kyoto will fit right in.

To spice things up a bit, Newton told the BBJ that his restaurant will bring condiments to the Magic City like we have never experienced before.

After testing out the concept for many months, among pop-up events downtown, he exclaimed the feedback was ever so positive.

Stay tuned for more details on the exact opening, coming soon!

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