Art Clarkson, owner of the Birmingham Bulls, eyes resurrection for the former Bham Hockey Team

For 6 years, Art Clarkson led the Birmingham Bulls as its majority owner, but the Birmingham market did not keep support of the team as much as Mr. Clarkson.

As we well know, Birmingham is some sort of comeback town, so this story will fit right into the mix of our revitalization.

Art Clarkson, owner of the Birmingham Bulls, eyes resurrection for the former Bham Hockey Team
Scott Myers (assistant general manager then), right, and Art Clarkson, right – photo contributed to the Alabama NewsCenter

Time is of the essence for Mr. Clarkson. There are plenty of things, and plenty of money, needed to resurrect the hockey team of the past.

Although he did not give the names to Alabama NewsCenter, he told them there are about 4-5 people wanting ownership in the team.

Until it is a sure thing, details will stay under wraps.


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Hockey card of Chuck “E” Hughes: 1992-1993

Back in the 90’s, the Bulls played at the BJCC. After some discussion with the BJCC owners, there were complications with nailing down the location for the resurgence.

“Mr. Clarkson is aware proper due diligence will need to be performed by the BJCC based on information he will need to give on any potential deal structure as well as scheduling and capital commitments required by the BJCC to ease the return of hockey…”

– Tad Snider, Executive Director and CEO of the BJCC, told Alabama NewsCenter

Although there are plenty of steps to be taken in completing his journey, Mr. Clarkson is confident in his ability to run, yet again, a professional organization.

But, he wants to make it clear that it must happen this year.

Commenting to the NewsCenter he said-

“I’ve had a successful baseball team.”

“I’ve had a successful hockey team.”

“I’ve had a successful arena football team up in Huntsville…”

“I’m not coming in here as an unknown in my own community.”

Art Clarkson with Bulls crowd photo 1 Art Clarkson, owner of the Birmingham Bulls, eyes resurrection for the former Bham Hockey Team
Art and a picture of a huge crowd at the BJCC for one of the Birmingham Bulls games.

With a passion for sports, and the Birmingham community, Art Clarkson may be the best man for the job.

Hockey has been a part of American sports history for some time. For Birmingham to join in on the excitement that hits cities like Nashville (with the Predators) would only be practical.

Image result for art clarkson birmingham bulls
Art Clarkson is excited to get back on the ice, but is the city? – Photo Provided by the Alabama NewsCenter
Let’s just hope the city feels the same way about Arts vision.

UPDATE – February 20, 2017:

Mr. Clarkson is now eyeing the Pelham Civic Center to host the rebirth of the Birmingham Bulls.

The city of Pelham HAS approved Clarkson’s application to lease out the ice rink!

Updates will come soon!
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