Birmingham Neighborhood Officers Sworn In for 2017-2018 Term


Thursday evening, newly elected Birmingham neighborhood officers gathered at Boutwell Auditorium for an installation ceremony. Representatives of Birmingham’s ninety-nine neighborhoods listened as Mayor William Bell, city council president Johnathan Austin and councilor Valerie Abbott congratulated and thanked them for their service to the city.

Judge Andre’ Sparks of the Birmingham Municipal Court administered the oath of office.  The swearing in was followed by a meet-and-greet with the mayor, who urged each neighborhood officer to, “Come through the line so I can personally thank you for your service.”

Mayor William Bell congratulates newly elected Birmingham neighborhood officers.

The evening concluded with a catered reception, including pasta, salad and cake.  Many conversations between neighborhood delegations were heard across the hall, with plans for upcoming events and collaborations.

The youngest neighborhood officer elected for the 2017-2018 term is Sergio Williams, Vice President of Woodlawn.

Sergio Williams, vice president of the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association and his mentor, Donna Hall.

Sergio Williams – “I’m 24 years old and I chose to run for office because I really wanted to see my neighborhood improved. I felt as if I wanted change it would require me being involved and active so I ran for office. I’m looking forward to helping my neighborhood come up with solutions and answers to create a better environment but in a swift manner. Being so young, most people who are already in power see me as a kid and don’t take me seriously. The advantages are that I stand out because of my age and it makes me hard to overlook.”


Myeisha Hutchinson, president of Oak Ridge Park and Darrell O’Quinn, president of Crestwood North also serve as current vice president and president of The Birmingham Citizen Advisory Board.  The CAB is comprised of representatives from each of twenty-three “communities” made of several neighborhoods each. The CAB acts as a liaison between the neighborhood associations and the Birmingham City Council.


Oak Ridge Park Neighborhood President, Myeisha Hutchinson and Crestwood North Neighborhood President, Darrell O’Quinn

Myeisha Hutchinson “My call to civic service started at a young age so being involved in my community at a direct level has always been a goal of mine. Being a neighborhood officer is my way of working towards creating a healthy community. I realize that the change I work towards will probably not be seen in my generation but the next will reap the benefits.”


Click the link below to find out when your neighborhood association meets. (Presidents listed on the document have not been updated at this time.)

Neighborhood Associations Monthly Meetings Schedule


Neighborhood officers take the oath of office.
Crestwood South officers, Virginia Volker (vice president), Elizabeth Murray (president) and Eunice Gary (secretary)