UAB’s Online Programs jump to top 27% nationally

Birmingham Online Program Highly Ranked
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The University of Alabama has scaled this year’s list of rankings for top online programs in the nation. Their leap has put UAB in the top 27% nationally for online bachelor’s degree programs.

Schools were ranked based on student engagement in programs, the faculty’s credentials in training, their reputations among peers, and their student services and technologies. With an impressive faculty and staff as well as continuous growth in technology throughout the years, no wonder UAB jumped 23 spots on this year’s ranking.

You will connect with the same expert faculty who teach on-ground courses, build a learning community with your peers, and enjoy the same services and resources as if you were on our campus. Internships and clinicals, required for some programs, are arranged near you.”

– University of Alabama at Birmingham Submission

UAB also has five online graduate programs that were ranked by the 2017 U.S. News & World Report list. This included the Collat School of Business, School of Education, School of Engineering, and School of Nursing. All of these online programs were recognized and their rankings increased significantly.

Now UAB has an MBA program that is ranked in the top 22% in the nation. An Education and Nursing program ranked in the top 15% nationally. And an Engineering program ranked 42% nationally.

You can get more information on UAB School of Business e-learning website here.

An impressive feat for UAB. Congratulations!

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