Should HBCU Talladega College Band march in Inaugural Parade?

Trump Tallagega Band Perform Inaugural
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America’s oldest private liberal arts historically black college (HBCU) was invited and accepted their invitation to march in president-elect Donald Trump’s inaugural parade. After major backlash from alumni and students alike, the administration is taking a second look at their choice. This Alabama college’s decision on whether or not to perform has sparked a huge controversy across the nation.

The inaugural parade will host over 8,000 participants, representing forty organizations from both high school and college level marching bands as well as veteran groups and equestrian corps members. Their presence and what it represents is the stem of this debate.

Talladega College has a history of overcoming adversity. The very foundation of their education system is based on supporting the growth and education of African Americans. Whilst the president-elect, Trump, continues to say that he honors those same ideals, certain remarks made in the past have made him a villain in the lives of a vast majority of minority populations. This includes African Americans.

Other historically black college and universities, such as Howard College, chose not to attend the parade as well as other Washington, D.C., high school bands.

With that being said there are currently two petitions circulating, both student lead, for the two opposing viewpoints. Some students believe that this is an amazing opportunity and is not about politics or a specific candidate but standing for the United States of America. Another group of students believe that not all exposure is good exposure. They believe their attendance will definitely show support towards Donald Trump and all that he stands for.

So, what do you think Bham? Should they or shouldn’t they?

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