Stop abandoning Christmas trees in our streets – recycle or re-purpose your Christmas tree

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Christmas trees abandoned in front of the Claridge near Hanover Circle on Southside Birmingham
Christmas tree discarded next to store dumpster

It’s an epidemic.

Travel around your neighborhood, for just five minutes, and you will find abandoned Christmas trees carelessly tossed out in the streets, alleys, and next to dumpsters with no intention to be picked up. In fact, sometimes you can find discarded trees with Christmas lights still wrapped around the tree.

This doesn’t have to happen. Be a part of the solution.

There are places throughout Alabama that will recycle your Christmas tree.  Here is the latest description of places throughout the state from the Alabama Environmental Council.

Christmas Tree Recycling Across Alabama

Most opportunities to recycle your Christmas tree end this Friday, January 6th or early the following week.

If you can’t find a place to recycle your Christmas tree, there is a another option – re-purpose your tree.

Here are links to websites we discovered with some good examples of ways you can re-purpose your Christmas tree:

10 Uses for Your Dead Christmas Tree


Do your part, and responsibly recycle, re-purpose and dispose your Christmas tree properly this week. Locally, if you have any questions, contact the Alabama Environmental Council at 205-252-7581 or email

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