Alabama frogs “sing in” 2017 – “….get together in wet places on warm nights and sing about sex.” (Video)

Frogs Conecuh National Forest
Watch and listen to Alabama frogs ring in 2017

One of Alabama’s most beloved biologist and co-author of the book Turtles of Alabama is Mark Bailey from Andalusia, Alabama.

Instead of ringing in 2017 the old fashioned way with fireworks and toasts of champagne, he posted a New Year’s Day video of Ornate Chorus Frogs and Tiger Salamanders “singing in” the New Year at a Conecuh National Forest swamp.

After Mark posted this 2017 New Year’s Day video, I remembered a quote by zoologist Dr. Archie Carr about frogs and their importance in our lives.

“Frogs do for the night what birds do for the day… they give it a voice.
And that voice is a varied and stirring thing that ought to be better known.”

“I have always liked frogs. I liked them since before becoming a zoologist,
and nothing I have had to learn about them since has marred the attachment.

I like “looks” of frogs and their outlook.  And especially the way they get
together in wet places on warm nights and sing about sex.”  ~ Dr. Archie
Carr, University of Florida zoology professor

Make sure to turn up the volume when you play this video.  And, I believe we can all agree – the frogs of Alabama had a better performance on New Year’s Eve than Mariah Carey.


Pat Byington
Pat Byington

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