Christmas Kitty Miracle – Babycat’s Story (Part 1 of 2)

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Beth Roberts, a cat foster parent, was heading into the Greater Birmingham Humane Society Tuesday morning to have her current litter of kittens immunized.  But the sight she encountered at the desk stopped her in her tracks. A grieving woman was sobbing, telling her cat goodbye.

“This woman was hurting, and it made me hurt.  I was so sad to see this, and felt tears filling my eyes. I walked over to her and gave her a hug.”

The woman explained through her sobs that she had to surrender her dear ‘Babycat’ because the pet deposit and extra monthly fees at her apartment complex were more than she and her fiancee’ could afford.  The woman asked for a prayer that Babycat would be adopted into a good home.

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Not able to shake the encounter, Beth rose Wednesday morning and “moved by a higher power,” wrote a post on the Magic City Kitties (MCK) Facebook Page, describing the events of the past morning.  Her 7:20 am  Beth’s post included this desperate plea.




“She just kept crying. ‘He is our baby. He has been such a great cat.’ It is times like these when I wish I had a magic money pocket in my jeans. I would have loved to give her the pet fee and about 5 years worth of monthly pet dues. I told her I wish there was something I could do. She said, ‘Please pray he is adopted into a good home.’ Please say a prayer for this lady and this cat…may her heart be comforted, and may a wonderful home come kitty’s way….”

Birmingham’s cat lovers immediately flooded the comment thread with empathetic messages, prayers, and offers to help with fees. A plan was quickly launched to raise money amongst the MCK group members to return Babycat to his human. Page members who are also GBHS staff were able to locate Babycat’s family and tell them about the unfolding drama. Anxious followers of the saga commented and followed the Facebook thread throughout the day. One member wrote, “I just spent the last hour reading this post. I am so happy to be a part of this group.” ❤

At 12:45 p.m., Phil Doster, of the Magic City Kitties (MCK) site, launched a Go Fund Me page, Send Babycat Home for Christmas, with the admonition,

“OK MCK, Make It So!”

Astonishingly, the needed funds, plus more, were raised in a mere twenty minutes!

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I’Sha Wright, Babycat’s distraught human was made aware of the situation unfolding on the internet by Christy Perry, a GBHS employee who is a member of the MCK Page. After returning the call to GBHS and hearing about the hundreds of strangers who were pulling for her and Babycat, she was in shock.

“I never dreamed this would happen. I just moved to Birmingham and don’t really know anyone. I was overwhelmed to see all these people feeling my pain and standing with me in my darkest hour. I feel like I’ve just met a whole new family that I love and have known forever.”

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By 5pm on the same day, Babycat was home with I’Sha and her fiancee’, Shannon Boyd. An estatic Wright posted photo after photo of the cat doing all of his familiar things, back in the sanctuary of home, to the delight of the MCK members. I’Sha says, “Now I know he is supposed to be with us forever, to get old with us. We are his forever family. This is the best Christmas ever!”

I’Sha’s message to her “Secret Angel,” Beth Roberts, was;

“I never dreamed that you would be such an angel to me. Your kindness amidst my heartbroken tears meant SO much!”

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Read about Beth and I’Sha’s get together after Babycat comes home.


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