Birmingham Generosity Brings Babycat Home (Part 2 of 2)

Babycat,reunited,Beth Roberts,I'Sha Wright, GBHS,
Beth Roberts (left) and I’Sha Wright

“I never dreamed I’d be hugging you like this,’ said Beth Roberts.
“I feel like I’ve known you forever,” replied I’Sha Wright.

Friday morning, two women who had only just formally met, sat side by side, sharing smiles and tears. Happy tears. I’Sha Wright got to meet the woman who set the wheels in motion that returned her precious ‘Babycat’, just in time for Christmas.

Birmingham, Alabama,Babycat
Babycat is Reunited with her Owner

Just three days before, the situation was much different. There were tears, but bitter ones. An encounter both women feel was heavenly appointed, brought them together in an unexpected way. Beth Roberts’ post on the Magic City Kitties (MCK) Facebook page outlined their first, brief encounter. Beth described the plight of a woman who was forced to surrender her cat because of high apartment fees. While Beth stated that she couldn’t help the lady with cash, maybe her fellow pet lovers would join her in praying and looking for a good home for Babycat. A few hours later, with scores of people offering assistance, a successful Go Fund Me for the fees was completed and Babycat was back home. The MCK members rejoiced in the success of the day and the triumph of compassion.

Babycat,Birmingham, Alabama,reunited,GBHS
Beth Roberts, left and I’Sha Wright

I’Sha told of how Babycat was a Valentine’s Day gift to her fiancee’, Shannon, while she was still living in Georgia.  On a trip to Birmingham, they visited the GBHS to choose a companion for Shannon while I’Sha was away.  Babycat, first known as Sylvester, has been an integral part of their relationship ever since.  I’Sha recently moved to Birmingham and she and Shannon are expecting a baby boy soon.

Babycat,Birmingham, Alabama,reunited,
Babycat and owner I’Sha Wright

Friday, they met at I’Sha’s apartment to share their story and get to know each other a little better. Turns out they’ve lived in several of the same states, at the same time, and have similar interests.





Beth explained, “I had been praying that God would show me someone I could help.”  I’Sha confided, “I felt like a monster, leaving my baby.  All I could do was pray he’d find a good home.”

Both of their prayers were answered with the overwhelming generosity of Birmingham strangers.Those folks who raised the money on the Magic City Kitties site weren’t satisfied to stop with I’Sha’s situation.  Beth explains,

“So many people wanted to donate, that a Babycat Fund has been established at GBHS to prevent other families from going through the pain and trauma that I’Sha did.  This seems to be about a cat, but it’s really about people caring for and loving others unconditionally.”

Beth’s act of compassion and the tidal wave of love it unleashed will continue to help countless others in the Magic City.

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