Progress for the Loveman Village Project

Built in the 1950’s, the Loveman Village is soon to experience major redevelopments carried out by the Housing Authority of the Birmingham District.

Civil Rights 15 Progress for the Loveman Village Project

The funding for “Phase 1” has been closed and totals about $79.6 Million, among $17 Million in tax Credits. What is “Phase 1”, you may be asking…

“Phase 1”

The HABD wants to “de-densify” the housing projects of the Loveman Village (500 units).

To do so, they will build about 120 units on Sydney Drive where Oxmoor Valley Elementary is located so to spread out the community that currently lives in the Loveman Village.

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“One goal is to break up the density of affordable housing and to provide residents the opportunity to live in different parts of the city, give them more job opportunities, educational opportunities and give them housing choice…

And in five years, we want you ‘up and out’ of public housing.”

– Michael O. Lundy told WBRC in June

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Click here for the Town Hall meeting details in June about the project. 

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