Common Sense Innovation: Solar poles and benches installed at the JSU Little River Canyon Center

Birmingham Alabama - Sun Charge
Sun Charge Systems

From our friends at the JSU Little River Canyon Center, below is a press release about Sun Charge Systems, an Alabama company that has installed  solar pole and bench charging stations at the Canyon Center.  This item is simple and perfect for universities, downtowns, business centers, parks and ball fields. Before you read the press release from JSU, check out the Sun Charge video describing this innovative common sense way to re-charge everyday electronics while you recreate or relax outdoors.

Press release from the JSU Little River Canyon Center:

Green things are happening at Jacksonville State University! From the
main campus to the Little River Canyon Center in Fort Payne, a JSU
Alumni is showcasing new charging stations for portable phones. Both a
pole charging station and a bench charging station were recently

“Our goal is to put the state of Alabama in the forefront of
sustainable energy and, in the process, we want to help JSU move
forward with their clean energy initiatives,” said JSU graduate and
product developer Geraldi Mejia.

JSU is now the first location to demonstrate the new charging
stations. The bench is prominently placed outside the LEED certified
Canyon Center, adjacent to the 15,000 acre Little River Canyon
National Preserve. The solar charging pole is situated in front of
Kennamer Hall and the TMB Student Center.

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Through Ken Grisson and JSU’s Small Business Development Center a
partnership was made possible after discussions with Greg Seitz, JSU
Athletic Director and Pete Conroy, Director of JSU’s Environmental
Policy & Information Center.

Mejia spoke about the partnership, saying “I’m proud to see my
alma mater use a product that I helped to design and develop. In 2012,
I became the first international student to graduate JSU, completing
my education with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management after
traveling here from the Dominican Republic. JSU provided me with a
quality education and the insight to move the startup forward. I
sincerely hope my success inspires fellow students and alumni to work
hard and achieve their goals; that they recognize the value of

Sun Charge Systems is leading the solar station market by providing a
means for people to stay connected. Based in Cleveland, Alabama, they
have found a way to utilize the sun and provide beautiful designs that
are both practical and appealing to the eye. Solar charging stations
have recently been housed in universities, water parks and
municipalities over five states and are rapidly growing.

“It’s a common sense technology for something we all need,” said Pete
Conroy from the JSU Canyon Center. He concluded, “As part of our
commitment to sustainability, we’re delighted to showcase the bench
and promote Geraldi’s success.”

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