TopGolf Update – The Ever Anticipated Development Takes Major Steps…

To fill in those of you unfamiliar with the future project…

Top Golf, a facility which is known for melding together an age old sport with the ever evolving world that is technology, has recently been knocking on the doors of the revitalizing Magic City to be its first ever urban location.

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Whether an avid golfer, Arnold Palmer, or the one hitting it into the woods every time, TopGolf caters to you!
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With the exciting environment, you can enjoy a night out with just about anyone while having stiff competition all at the same time.

  • Each station has flat screen TVs and lounging areas.
  • Rented by the hour ($25-$45, fluctuating with demand)
  • A one time, $5 membership fee
  • Open hours will be from 9:00 am to 2:00 am

Recent Progress:

An incentive of $1.5 Million will be put into consideration by the Birmingham City Council to bring the high-tech facility to UpTown.

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What this means is that over the course of 8 years, revenues of $1.5 million would be incurred, taking over about 30% of the city’s sales tax. This not only will create jobs for local residents, but possibly provide funding toward other projects down town through the revenues generated.

Adding a Topgolf to the mix at the BJCC would be a transformative development for Birmingham’s north side, because it would add another consistent attraction to draw people – particularly local young professionals – to the area.

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This is a goal that many developers are using to get pumped about revamping projects and start new ones. If this comes to fruition, it will show a promising step toward complete approval and excitement of the Legacy Arena and stadium.
Our city may look out of date and slow, but we are rising out of the dust and into the lime light of the Southeast.

Please give us your thoughts! Developments are ultimately for the people and the growth of our communities.
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