1MillionCups Birmingham – Nov. 16, 2016

Recently, BhamNow has become the media provider for 1MillionCups Bham, which holds weekly presentations featuring local entrepreneurs in the early stages of business.

This is not a source of funding, but to allow the entrepreneur(s) to sharpen up presentation skills, receive feedback from others, and to possibly meet an investor along the way.

Today, I ventured down to the Innovation Depot to live stream the presentations and network my way into the techie community that has engulfed 1st Avenue North.

The presenters:

Blazer Motorsports – “We take charge by keeping it simple and efficient, pioneering new possibilities, and staying resilient when faced with challenges. What we’re doing is competing on a national level where a multidisciplinary student team will build and race a Baja racing car.”

Only 3 of them were there...
Only 3 of them were there…

This team of 6 UAB students is tenacious and full of young entrepreneurial spirit. Check out their presentation at 25 minutes on our Facebook Page


WEDE Sports – “We will operate a website and mobile application which continuously provide sports information to our customers. The sports information we provide contains (but is not limited to) real-time scores, player stats, game stats, and play-by-play descriptions.” For more Info, click here…


Check out his presentation here

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