‘Historically close’ super moon comes Sunday night

The moon makes history this weekend by being its fullest and brightest in decades, so whether you’re in search of a cheap date idea or a just a reason to sit on the back porch this weekend, here you go.

Photo by space.co

Although extreme drought conditions have spawned wildfires across the Southeast and continue to leave Birmingham dry as a bone, temperatures continue to drop, and the night skies are predicted to be clear this weekend.  The cooler weather means it’s still a great time to get outdoors and

enjoy this Veterans Day weekend in all its supermoon glory.

November’s Beaver Moon will be the closest full moon in 68 years, and is set to illuminate the sky on November 13, peaking a little after 6 a.m. Monday morning. The largest moon since 1948 won’t be this big or close again until 2034,  and, according to National Geographic, the best time to catch this “sky event” is on November 14, right after sunset. While some might say that this full moon isn’t really different than any other full moon to the naked eye, it’s still slated to be a sight to see for 2016.

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Photo by: Giphy

You can thank Native Americans for naming each month’s full moon, as a way to identify the seasons. The Beaver Moon has a long history, and is also referred to as Hunter’s Moon or Frosty Moon. Should make a perfect backdrop for your Instagram endeavors this weekend, like maybe #mannequinchallenge #bhamnow? We’d love to see your best moonlight mannequin poses, so be sure to share them with us and to tag us @bhamnow on Instagram.

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