8 Student Discounts you aren’t taking advantage of

The great thing about being a student (or even a faculty and staff member) is that your ID gives you so many opportunities for discounts. Check out these retail and dining options you should be taking advantage of.

1. Al’s Deli and Grill

For all of you thirsty students out there, Al’s Deli and Grill offers a discount just for you. With a valid student ID, you get a free fountain drink with your purchase.

2. Amazon Prime

This is not a drill. Amazon offers free two day shipping for six months AND a discounted Prime account. This is a great deal for buying books last minute and literally anything else you need.

3. Chik Fil A

Now you will have another excuse to eat more chicken. Get that free drink from the best chicken places around. Just make sure you bring your student ID.

4. Chipotle
I see Burrito Bowls galore in your future. Another free drink with purchase, another couple of dollars saved at your fave spot.

5. Banana Republic

A whole 15% off at this store for your entire purchase, just for remembering your campus card. Be sure to check it out.

6. Charlotte Russe

A 10% discount is better than a no percent discount. Charlotte Russe offers a great discount for college students.

7. The Apple Store
Looking for a new Mac, you could get up to $200 off. The great thing is even if you just got accepted into college you are eligible.

8. Carmike Cinemas
Check out Lee Branch 15, Patton Creek 15 (Hoover), The Summit 16, Vestavia Hills 10, for tickets for only $8. with a valid student ID. Now you don’t have to wait months for RedBox to have that movie you really want to see.

Remember, each location is different but be sure to ask about their student discounts. Happy Saving!

Vicky Lewis
Vicky Lewis

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