7 Every Day Conservation Tips for Drought Living

Now that the drought has reached a Stage 3 warning, meaning we have graduated to an extreme drought, we are faced with new water conservation issues. Your same everyday water usage might help land us in a water shortage. So when in drought, conserve it out! Here are 8 easy, everyday tips to help you save our precious water.

Precious Water

  1. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth

Brush your teeth with the water off

This small change can save 4 gallons a minute and can soon become a habit for future conservation.

2. Stick to short showers.


The average bath is the equivalent to 70 gallons of water. Yup. Save your baths for a drought-less day.

3. Let your lawn stand tall

Mow less save more

Taller grass will cool your roots and hold in moisture. If you have to cut it, try keeping it between 1.5 and 2 inches. Rocking the longer lawn look will become trendy, I promise.

4. Wash your pets outside, wherever water is needed the most

Baths are a no no during conservation

Don’t worry, Fido can still have a bath but hopefully, your lawn or flowers will too. Think of it as two birds one stone.

5. Leftover ice cubes? Give them to your plants

Ice cube melting in plants

Conservation = No Waste. I am sure your daisies will appreciate it in this heat.

6. Try to minimize the dishes you use a day

Wash less dishes

This will make sure you aren’t wasting water washing a million dishes a day. It will also save you in general from wasting your time  washing a ton of dishes.

7. Don’t bag those leaves

Mulch helps with conservation

They can be used as natural mulch for your flower beds, gardens, etc, which helps to conserve water.

All of these tricks are quick and easy but will help to save huge amounts of water. Try a few and save a lot for our city.

In the meantime, maybe try a rain dance or two. (it couldn’t hurt)

Vicky Lewis
Vicky Lewis

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