5 Famous Names of Birmingham Natives Millennials will recognize

Not all Famous people come from California or New York. You might be surprised that some big names you recognize are from right here in Birmingham. From rappers to activists, here are a few Birmingham natives that you can brag about.

5. Gucci Mane


Yes, you saw it right. Gucci Mane, a rapper, well known for his songs “Champion,” “Lemonade,” and the throwback “Spotlight” featuring Usher was born right here in Birmingham AL. This artist has worked with other big names such as Drake and even Kanye West.  Even though he moved away when he was 9, we can still claim him as a Birmingham native.

4. Courteney Cox


For all of you Friends lovers out there, Courteney Cox, aka Monica, aka your fave character, was born and raised in Moutain Brook, AL. With ten seasons and a ridiculous fan network, this is one Birmingham lady we should be proud of.

3. Rick and Bubba

If you live in the south (or even a select few northern states), you probably know these two. Maybe not by their faces but by their hilarious jokes and banter. Rick Burgess would be the “Rick” and Bill Bussey would be the “Bubba.” Did you know that these two are actually from our lovely city?

2. John Green

Oh you know, the guy who wrote the book that had you sobbing uncontrollably, but you loved it anyway. John Green, the author of “The Fault in Our Stars,” only lived in Birmingham for a short amount of time but did attend Indian Springs School. Crazy to think one of your favorite authors, might’ve lived right down the street.

1. Condoleeza Rice

This amazing woman was the First African American Woman to become Secretary of State. She has been a role model for determination against adversity for many generations, especially after battling discrimination right here in Birmingham. And like some of us, she is still a proud Alabama Football supporter. #RollTide

Now you know some big Names from our Big City.  #BirminghamNatives

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