Alabama weekly nature roundup – October 22-28, 2016


The drought continues to grow. State Parks Amendment 2 sparks debate. Anniston and Birmingham inch closer to designating National Parks with a visit from Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell.

And of course, Halloween is fast approaching, so the weekend is filled with wonderfully “scary” events and fundraisers.

A very busy week.

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Freedom rider Hank Thomas calls on Park Service to consecrate Anniston bus burning site as “holy ground”

Below – excerpts from the speech today by Hank Thomas, Freedom Rider and survivor of the Anniston Bus Burning.  

The speech was given after a tour of the proposed Freedom Riders Park.  The tour was part of a visit by Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell who later held a public hearing in downtown Anniston to consider a proposal to designate sites around Anniston as a National Park.

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A Guide for First Time Voters

November 8th is just around the corner and although you’ve been registered to vote for weeks now, you’re realizing you don’t exactly know what to expect. You find yourselves reading over the simplified directions that were in your mailbox over and over again. For those waiting patiently for what might seem like your final rite of passage, here is a voter’s guide to satiate your confusion.

Just Vote Anyways

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About Bham Now

modern Vulcan head

What is Bhan Now?   We are the mobile, modern guide to Birmingham.

What is our mission?  Our mission is to help create a better, smarter, healthier, more forward-moving Birmingham.  

Why the head?  The teal bearded head represents a modern, hipster Vulcan.  It was designed by Min Sun Lee, local Birmingham artist.

What is our focus?  Bham Now is focused on new business, innovation, jobs, nature and having fun in the ‘ham.  Bham Now is NOT the go-to site for football scores, crime or weather unless it is a social issue.

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Wednesday Quiz Days | Are you a true Blazer Fan?


Saturday is “Solar Day” in Birmingham

Here comes the sun Birmingham!

Alabama Environmental Council Recycling Center & Office Building
Alabama Environmental Council Recycling Center & Office Building

Yesterday, our friends at Eagle Solar and Light sent us the schedule for Birmingham’s very first Solar Home Tour.

Interest in solar powered homes and businesses is “growing” exponentially in the Magic City.  Here are the details and most importantly the hour by hour day long schedule from their press release: Continue reading “Saturday is “Solar Day” in Birmingham”