Birmingham to host Tech Jobs Tour

tech jobs tour promo image birmingham alabama
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Birmingham is quickly making a name for itself as the place to start a new tech company in the South.  Right now, the United States has more than half a million tech-related job openings!  But how can you find these jobs?  You can always look at Bham Now’s own job posting section, but on June 15th, the Tech Jobs Tour comes to Birmingham!

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AT&T committed to Alabama with billion dollar investment


By Wade Cline and JH Daniel

AT&T invested more than $1.1 billion in the company’s Alabama wireless and wired networks during 2014–2016. These investments drive a wide range of upgrades to reliability, coverage, speed and overall performance for residents and businesses. They also improve critical services that support public safety and first responders.

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Terri Williams answers the call for AT&T Alabama

Terri Williams has worked for AT&T-Alabama for 14 years. Despite her outfit, her job doesn’t require climbing telephone poles.

Terri Williams watches her hearing-impaired brother-in-law communicate effortless by texting or using sign langue through video chat, and she can’t help but marvel at the amazing times in which we live.

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Staying secure in 2017

Ghost in the Shell is why I flat-out refuse to have any electronics inside me, no matter how cool they might seem. This logo was made by some guy going by the handle motwaaagh

Have you ever seen the old Ghost in the Shell series? It was awesome, you should watch it. More importantly, though, it’s becoming more and more relevant: far too many computers today are vulnerable to malware.

Last week, a multi-continent attack crippled Britain’s National Health Services, among other individuals and groups. How can you ensure your own computers are secure?

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