Frommer’s names B’ham “one of the Deep South’s most interesting destinations…”

The Lime Light People!

It has been shining upon our sliver of magic in regards to food, beer, tech/innovation and tourism, in 2016, quite a lot. We are very proud to announce that yet another travel blog has recognized our Magic!

Photo by Wade Cline

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Demand calling for new Firearm, Fishing & Hunting Store in Homewood

Firearm sales have risen steadily this past year, so what else to do than follow the demand!?

David Roberts, owner of All American Outdoors, is excited for his soon to be store in the former Tidmore Flags location on HWY 31.

All American Outdoors
David Roberts inside the soon-to-be store front. Photo by: Sarah Cook

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Bham Now Vitals newsletter – this week!

How many days until Christmas? JK! It’s 362. On a real note, here’s what you actually want to know:

December 28th.
Bham Now’s Top 10
We’ve put together, just for you,  our most read stories since the beginning of time (well, the beginning of time for us, August, 2016!). Personally, I think the coolest thing about the list is that the subjects range across the board; from sports to nature to food and business, there’s a little something for everyone. Maybe one of these stories is what brought you to Bham Now in the first place… Regardless, we’re so happy you’re here with us!

Share a Hope, Wish, or Prayer at the Annual Homewood Wishing Tree

Two years of wishing, praying and hoping in Homewood starts up again this holiday season. Looking towards 2017, Homewood natives are sharing their thoughts and hanging them on the annual Wishing Tree.

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Shelby County follows the Magic City with Revitalization

Restoring, but never forgetting, the old buildings in a city is needed to progress through the years.

What better way for Columbiana to ring in the New Year by restoring the Davis Drug Company building – the first of many.

Renovations on the exterior of Davis Drug Company began on Monday, Dec. 19. Columbiana Main Street plans to restore several buildings for historical accuracy. (Contributed)
A contributed photo given to the Shelby County Reporter depicts the beginnings of renovations started on Dec. 19th.

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Recreational Park Approved for HWY 280

Where 280 and 119 meet, you know, where the Chick-fil-a is located, will eventually be home to a new development called Tattersall Park.

The land, which has been seemingly vacant for years, will begin its redevelopment process by introducing Next Levl (reported on earlier) as the first tenant.

Ryze Glasgow park in the UK 2
Inside look of the ‘extreme recreational park’ – Photo by: Patrick Jameson

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Bham Now BOLD speaker Jim McClintock to make his 24th and 25th journey to Antarctica in 2017

This past month’s Bham Now BOLD speaker and UAB Polar and Marine Biology Professor Jim McClintock was featured in yesterday, detailing his upcoming 24th and 25th journeys to Antarctica in 2017

Written by’s environmental reporter Dennis Pillion, the profile describes McClintock’s future research efforts in Antarctica which may prove useful for people suffering from cancer to antibiotic resistant infections.

The article also recognizes fellow polar researchers Chuck Amsler, a marine algae and seaweed specialist at UAB, and Bill Baker, a chemist from the University of South Florida. McClintock called himself and his fellow researchers the “Three Musketeers.”

Check out the article below:

UAB researchers look to Antarctica for the next big drug discovery

For more about information Dr. Jim McClintock and his remarkable work, visit the following Bham Now links:

What Do Roosevelt (TR), Lindbergh, Armstrong and UAB’s McClintock Have in Common?

Bham Now Live Interview with BOLD Speaker Jim McClintock -discussing climate change, drought, President -elect Trump & Hand in Paw

A simple mailbox. Sharing Christmas joy at St. John A.M.E. Church in Birmingham

On Friday, Bham Now visited several churches in town, and took pictures of Christmas greenery, altars and nativity scenes.

“Loving kindness” – Preparing for Christmas in Birmingham (a photo essay)

During the visit with Rev. Mashod Evans, the pastor at St. John A.M.E. Church, we came upon this mailbox.

St. John A.M.E Church in Birmingham – Christmas mailbox

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Besides the Cahaba Lily, what else is on the new Cahaba River Society tag?

The Cahaba River Society (CRS) was one of the first organizations to secure a “personalized” Alabama specialty car tag nearly two decades ago.

Here is a photo of one of their original tag designs back in 2001.

Cahaba River Society – 2001 Alabama specialty tag


The other day, while we were in a meeting with Beth Stewart, the longtime Executive Director of Cahaba River Society, she pointed out another item on the new specialty tag besides the iconic cahaba lily and the blue “river-like” background.

Can you spot it?

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Christmas bird & salamander counts – an old and new Birmingham Audubon tradition

“Hats off” to the great work of the Birmingham Audubon Society

Now, Birmingham Audubon Society has two great traditions during the Christmas season.

Along with the Birmingham Audubon Society’s (BAS) 81st Annual Christmas Bird Count, the organization held it’s first Christmas Salamander Count on the same day – December 23rd – at Ruffner Mountain.

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