Cook Something! (How to Eat When You Get Iced In)

The first half of my Very Southern Snow Day has been spent gutting fish and encasing a bottle of vodka in ice for after dinner drinks with my guests. Today seemed like the perfect opportunity to really get in touch with my Russian roots. I couldn’t change my menu too much for tonight, but what I really want to make was cornbread.

My cornbread, fresh from the oven

Cornbread might be one of my favorite baked goods, at least to make, mostly because it doesn’t require precision. Many of you, judging by what was completely gone from the shelves at Publix, will be indulging in some chili tonight, or similar hot liquid concoction. And while that will warm your body, you need to warm your heart and your soul. That’s where the cornbread comes in. And while I put mine in the oven, if you lose power tonight, this can be done on the stove if you have a heavy lid for your skillet. I also recommend some local cornmeal, found here.

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The Lizt: The Birminghamest of Birmingham

I am not Southern. I don’t, despite my frequent use of it online, say ya’ll. I

Sweet tea, Birmingham, Alabama
Courtesy of

don’t have any pearls, I don’t eat swine, and I’ve only ever been in a church to vote. When people ask if I’m from Birmingham, I say I went to high school in Birmingham and came back for college. I’m a proud Jersey Girl who talks funny and that has absolutely left me bitter.

But, I’ve discovered that Birmingham grows on you and makes you crave things you never knew existed.


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Birmingham Zoo has Record Year

The Birmingham Zoo – a pride and joy of Bham’s and the state as a whole continues its momentum.

For the 6th year in a row, the establishment has surpassed the prior year in attendance!

Birmingham Zoo, Giraffe
Courtesy: Pinterest

Quick Factoid:  Did you know that a giraffe can lick inside its own ears?  Bet you can’t do that.

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Multifamily Real Estate is Hot in Bham, but will it Last in 2017?

The momentum of Birmingham’s real estate deals in 2016 was quite impressive, considering where we have come from.

As 2017 gets into full swing, can the large multifamily projects, that added major value to our real estate scene, continue its momentum?

The Venue at the Ballpark apartments is one of the new Class A multifamily properties that opened–and sold to investors– in 2016.
Photo by Bob Farley – the mixed use development across from Regions Field – The Venue

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Homewood’s Sales Tax Increase effective Jan. 1st

One Cent will go a long way. Homewood’s City Council has raised their sales tax from 9% to 10% in order to improve the schools and parks, as well as, help solve an overcrowding problem in a public safety building.

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