Local realtor to be featured tonight on HGTV’s House Hunters

(Jessica Benton Daviston)
Jessica Daviston being filmed for HGTV’s House Hunters. (Jessica Daviston)

If you tune in to HGTV tonight at 9PM, you might be surprised to see a familiar face. Local realtor Jessica Daviston will be featured on tonight’s episode of House Hunters, where she’ll show off three Birmingham-area homes to an interested buyer.

Featured on HGTV’s House Hunters

(Jessica Benton Daviston)
Ready, set, action! (Jessica Daviston)

Last summer, Jessica Daviston received an email from someone claiming to be a casting director for HGTV’s House Hunters. Jessica—a local realtor with LAH Sotheby’s International Realty—was skeptical, but responded anyway.

“At first I thought this might be a scam, but I called and had a conversation and discovered, woah! This really is House Hunters. The casting director found me on Instagram and thought I’d be a great fit for the show.”

Jessica Daviston, Realtor

If you haven’t seen it, House Hunters is an HGTV show that’s been on-air since 1999 and follows potential homeowners on their home-buying journey. Each episode, buyers work with a local real estate agent who shows them three different homes. At the end of the episode, the buyer makes their choice.

After going through several screening tests to make sure she’d be good on camera, Jessica and her clients met a production crew to film the episode.

The three homes—one in Vestavia and two in Greystone—each took a day to film. You might recognize some of the shots of the neighborhoods!

“My favorite part was working with and getting to see the creative people that make these episodes come to life. I really liked meeting new people and getting to see what their industry looked like every day. It was a really great experience!”

Jessica Daviston, Realtor

See Jessica Benton Daviston on HGTV tonight at 9PM

(Nathan Watson / Bham Now)
Local realtor Jessica Benton Daviston will be on HGTV House Hunters tonight. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

The episode—dubbed Picky Parents in Alabama—will be the 7th episode of House Hunter’s 247th season. The episode’s HGTV listing reads:

“Two picky parents look for a larger home with plenty of space for their two kids and rescue pup in Alabama. They’re constantly being outbid and have been stuck in real estate purgatory for over a year, and it’s partly due to their struggle to compromise.”

Picky Parents in Alabama will premiere on HGTV tonight at 9PM central / 10PM eastern. To watch, tune in to HGTV on cable or by streaming on Max or discovery+.

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