Your guide to the best cinnamon rolls in Birmingham

Rolls Bakery Cinnamon Roll
Check out all the cinnamon rolls BHAM has to offer. (Sadie Sue Long/Bham Now)

Do you wanna know where to get some of the most delectable cinnamon rolls in Birmingham? We’ve got you covered. Dig into the scrumptious list below! Want to find other small businesses? See our small business guide.

1. Rolls Bakery in Vestavia Hills

Rolls Bakery Cinnamon Roll Birmingham
Rolls Bakery is a new Cinnamon Roll store in Vestavia Hills. (Lauryn Stinson / Bham Now)

We’re starting off our list with the newest addition to Bham’s cinnamon roll game—Rolls Bakery in Vestavia Hills. The photo above speaks for itself.

2. Red Bike Coffee in Irondale

Best Cinnamon Rolls in Birmingham
Red Bike Coffee’s menu also features cinnamon roll crepes! (Lauryn Stinson / Bham Now)

Red Bike’s coffee paired with a hot, fresh cinnamon roll will make your day the best day.

3. Last Call Baking in Birmingham

Best Cinnamon Rolls in Birmingham
Last Call Baking is open until they sell out of everything. (Lauryn Stinson / Bham Now)

Last Call Baking serves up cinnamon rolls and pastries fresh every morning. Make sure you get there early before they sell out.

Want to find other small businesses? See our small business guide.

4. Uncle G’s Pizza food truck

Uncle G's Cinnamon Roll
Uncle G’s is known for its pizza but its cinnamon rolls are just as noteworthy.  (Lauryn Stinson / Bham Now)

Uncle G’s Pizza truck might not offer pizza rolls but I’ll tell you what…they do have some good cinnamon rolls! In fact, it’s their signature dessert.

5. Saturn in Avondale

Best Cinnamon Rolls in Birmingham
Saturn serves cinnamon rolls and other pastries in the mornings. (Lauryn Stinson / Bham Now)

By night, a groovy neighborhood bar and concert venue, by day, a groovy coffee shop with some seriously good cinnamon rolls.

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