5 exciting ways to enjoy Mobile—boat tours, outdoor dining + more


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Mobile is for outdoors. (Visit Mobile)

There’s never not a good time to get outside and enjoy Mobile’s beautiful scenery. We gathered five ways you can maximize your stay thanks to Visit Mobile’s fun recommendations—you might not ever want to leave!

1. Airboat Express

Mobile boat tour
Airboat Express is fun for the whole fam. (Visit Mobile)

This tour is an exhilarating way to see Mobile’s delta. From informational based eco tours to alligator spotting during the night tours, the airboat will have you zipping across the water with the wind in your hair.

2. Secret History Walking Tours

Mobile Secret History tour
Get the insider scoop of Mobile during the Secret History Walking Tours. (Visit Mobile)

Discover the secrets of the city as you stroll the streets of downtown Mobile. From the Four Centuries Tour to the Speakeasy Cocktail Tour, this is a unique way to explore the historic aspects of Mobile.

  • Website | 251-752-9868
  • Tours begin at 7:30PM

3. Mobile Pedal Tours

Mobile pedal tour
All aboard the Mobile Pedal Tour. (Visit Mobile)

Hop aboard the Mobile Pedal Tour and take a two-hour ride through downtown Mobile on this rolling entertainment station—with 10 pedal stations and additional seating, everyone has a space on the pedal tours.

The secret: It’s totally motorized so you don’t even have to pedal.

4. Lime Scooters

Mobile lime scooters
Ready to ride through Mobile? (Visit Mobile)

When you visit Mobile, you will see the lime-colored scooters throughout the city.

Jump on one of these and glide through the streets of downtown, Cooper Riverside Park and many historic districts. You can use the Lime Scooter app or Uber app for rental payment.

Wondering where you can scoot away to while you’re in town? Head to Visit Mobile’s website for dozens of attractions, events + more.

5. Enjoy Mobile through outdoor dining

Downtown Mobile has outdoor dining options all along the LoDa entertainment district. From breakfast to dinner, you will find tables and chairs—or tables and swings—along the sidewalks and in the many “parklets,” converted parking-to-dining spaces, all along Dauphin Street.

Here are a few outdoor dining options to consider:

Squid Ink

Squid Ink restaurant Mobile
At Squid Ink, you can indulge in top tier food and company. (Visit Mobile)

This gastropub earned a coveted 2023 Nappie Award for most innovative menu. At Squid Ink, you will find fried deviled eggs, poke bowls and the Spanish S.O.S. (squid on a shingle).

Another fun part, the parklet at Squid Ink is filled with swings and tables for dining so you can swing away while you eat.

Roosters Taco Restaurant

Mobile outdoor patios
Indulge in Margarita Mondays with your best friends. You deserve it. (Visit Mobile)

This is not your ordinary taco restaurant. At Roosters, you start with homemade tortillas and fill them with the best Latin flavors you can source: jerk chicken, pork, vegetables, our favorite grilled gulf shrimp + more.

Stop by for Margarita Mondays and try one of their top-shelf drinks.

LoDa Bier Garten

LoDa Bier Garten Mobile
With a spunky exterior like this, how could you not stop by? (Visit Mobile)

Nestled on the corner of Dauphin Street and Joachim Street, LoDa Bier Garten has 102 beers on tap and serves award-winning burgers. If you’ve spotted the colorful tables and umbrellas, you’re at the right place.

Pro tip: Try the hamburger made with Krispy Cream donuts.

Heroes Sports Bar & Grill

Heroes patio Dauphin Street Mobile
Heroes is waiting to welcome you. (Visit Mobile)

While Heroes may be a sports bar, their covered patio dining and deck is one of the most popular outdoor spaces in downtown Mobile. Adjacent to Cathedral Square, it gets an A+ for food and watching people enjoy exciting downtown events.

A bonus for your sports fans: All televisions are inside and outside!

Spot of Tea

enjoy Mobile through outdoor patios
Dine out with great friends and good conversation at Spot of Tea. (Visit Mobile)

As one of downtown Mobile’s oldest breakfast and lunch spots, Spot of Tea’s outdoor seating is the perfect place to linger over a mimosa with friends or grab lunch during the fall and spring farmer’s markets.

Looking for a place to stay?

Dauphin Street downtown Mobile
The colorful streets of Dauphin Street attract thousands of visitors year-round. How can they not? (Visit Mobile)

We know you’re itching to book your stay in Mobile, so we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking for something boutique, low-key or pet-friendly, they have it all. Make a reservation at one of these recommendations:

Ready to book your trip? Check out Visit Mobile’s website for a full list of fun and exciting plans to keep you busy.

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