Cowlicks Cuts, new kids salon, opens in Homewood

cowlicks salon
Cowlicks is now open for business in Homewood (Julia Sager / Bham Now)

Are you looking for a new kids salon for your child to get a back to school haircut? Read on to find out more about Cowlicks.

About the owner

accessories at cowlicks salon
Accessories available at Cowlicks (Julia Segar / Bham Now)

Allison Rogers is using her 17 years of experience to bring quality youth haircuts to Homewood. She’s a graduate of Paul Mitchell the School Atlanta, Homewood resident, and the owner of Cowlicks.

Rogers drew inspiration for her new business after working at a different salon about five years ago after noticing that there weren’t many kids salons in her area – if any at all. Cowlicks is here to bring a new change to Homewood.

Quality haircuts for kids of all ages

chair at cowlicks salon
Kid-themed chairs at Cowlicks (Julia Segar / Bham Now)

Rogers is bringing a reasonably priced, kid-tailored salon to Homewood with an experienced staff to work with children. Accessories like hats, barrettes, headbands, hair products and more are available for purchase. Appointments aren’t limited to just kids, either – if you’re a parent and need a haircut, you’re welcome to get one alongside your child at Cowlicks!

Cowlicks is now open for business right between Pastry Art Shoppe and Blended Bungalow, across the street from Big Bad Breakfast in Homewood. Parking is available outside and on the side of the building.

Hours of operation

Is your kid ready for a back to school haircut? Here’s how to get in contact with Cowlicks:

  • Location: 1900-C 11th Avenue South
  • Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10 AM-6PM | Saturday 10 AM-3PM | Sunday-Monday closed
  • Contact Cowlicks via phone at (205) 747-0592 or email to schedule an appointment

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