A look inside the iconic Birmingham Wholesale Furniture showroom


Birmingham's oldest Wholesale Furniture store
All your friends will be swooning over your luxury furniture from this fine wholesale furniture store. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

With a 65,000 square-foot showroom and over 70 years in the business, Birmingham Wholesale Furniture is dedicated to satisfying customer’s unique styles.

So, why has it remained Birmingham’s longest-standing destination for luxury furniture? Keep reading for the inside scoop + how you can get in on some sweet Labor Day deals happening now.

A unique + vast inventory with endless customization options

With a list of premier furniture manufacturers, Birmingham Wholesale Furniture is unparalleled by any other local furniture store.

Because everyone wants something different and has their own unique space, the staff caters their design advice specifically to each customer.

A big part of what makes this place so special is the people. We sat down with Gena Toedte, who has been on staff for nearly 15 years, and she let us in on the culture at Birmingham’s longest-standing fine wholesale furniture store.

“There are only two people on staff that are fairly new; everybody else has been here at least 10 years. So, when you’re coming to us for advice, it’s definitely from a family atmosphere.”

Gena Toedte, Birmingham Wholesale Furniture

Head to Birmingham Wholesale Furniture + see how the design team can help redefine your space.

The staff meets you where you are

Birmingham Wholesale Furniture
The second you walk through the showroom doors, you know this skilled team can elevate any space. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Where else can you bring your vision to a highly-trained design team and have them bring your vision to life? The staff is eager to guide you through any project—no matter the size or budget.

Gena explained that there are times where a customer wants something as simple as an extra bed but other times, they need a houseful of furniture. In this case, a designer will make a home visit, see your style and needs and decide the best way to utilize the space.

Depending on the task at hand, Birmingham Wholesale Furniture may suggest a custom order.

Pro-tip: If you’re anticipating a home makeover by the end of the year—get your custom orders in now!

The commitment to quality has never wavered

In a world of disposable furniture, their commitment to quality has never wavered through 70+ years in the business. After all, it is where designers shop!

Using exceptional quality as the standard, they only buy merchandise from companies who provide premium workmanship and service.

Birmingham’s longest-standing fine wholesale furniture store for 70+ years

Birmingham Wholesale Furniture
Birmingham Wholesale, serving with passion for designing people’s dreams for 70 years + counting. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Being in business for over 70 years is a testament to the quality Birmingham Wholesale Furniture stands behind and the values they have built their business on.

“It’s a passion. If it’s something I love, which I do, then I want to keep doing it.”

Gena Toedte, Birmingham Wholesale Furniture

Ready to transform your home with some of the best deals in the city? Birmingham Wholesale Furniture’s Labor Day sale is happening now through Monday, September 4 and it’s 50% off the entire showroom!

Check out them out on Facebook and Instagram to see more of where designers shop.

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