4th & Inches now carrying BBQ supplies, including 200+ rubs

4th & Inches Nutrition BBQ Supply
(Pat Byington / Bham Now)

4th & Inches—a nutrition and health food store in Chelsea—recently started carrying something new. In addition to their fan-favorite Loaded Teas and shakes, 4th & Inches is now a one-stop-shop for barbecue supplies in Chelsea, with hundreds of barbecue sauces, rubs, glazes and other BBQ accessories!

About 4th & Inches in Chelsea

4th & Inches Nutrition BBQ Supply
Hundreds of unique barbecue rubs, sauces and glazes are now available at 4th & Inches. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

Not familiar with 4th & Inches? Located just off 280, 4th & Inches is a nutrition-based store known for its healthy “Loaded Teas” and shakes. The store is owned by Danny Jones, who wanted to start selling something else he’s passionate about—barbecue.

“90% of my customers are women, so I wanted to start carrying some products that appeal to the guys who like to cook too. Barbecue was a natural choice. I’ve been cooking all my life, went to school for restaurant management and have been competing professionally in barbecue cookouts for the past ten years as well.”

Danny Jones, Owner, 4th & Inches

According to Danny, his goal is to turn 4th & Inches into a one-stop-shop for barbecue supplies for residents and visitors to Chelsea.

“Business has been great! I’m probably selling more rubs than I am Loaded Teas, now. I’ve been here for three and a half years, and you can’t get this anywhere else. Other places might cary two or three different rubs; we have 200!”

Danny Jones, Owner, 4th & Inches

In addition to 200+ barbecue rubs, 4th & Inches carries everything you need to get your barbecue started, including 100+ glazes and sauces plus a wide range of grilling accessories and gadgets. That’s not all—Danny plans to start selling grills, smokers and more accessories soon.

Check out what 4th & Inches has to offer by visiting their website.

Visit 4th & Inches for all your BBQ needs today

Make sure to visit 4th & Inches on Saturday’s for a chance to taste-test some delicious barbecue!

“Every Saturday I’ll be bringing out my smokers and cooking food for any customer that wants to come by. This weekend we’re doing hotdogs and hamburgers, and next weekend I’ll probably serve chicken wings, chicken legs or something like that. We’ll have something new every Saturday!”

Danny Jones, Owner, 4th & Inches

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