5 important changes to your car tag renewal in Jefferson County


car  5 important changes to your car tag renewal in Jefferson County
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Jefferson County is revamping the way you receive car tag renewal notices. Instead of looking for a small postcard in the mail, keep your eyes out for a letter with a return envelope. Don’t worry if you own multiple vehicles—all the notices will be included in the one letter. Keep reading for the details you need to know.

1. Look for a letter in the mail instead of a card this year.

Screen Shot 2023 08 02 at 11.46.04 AM  5 important changes to your car tag renewal in Jefferson County
Example of the new tag renewal notice. (Jefferson County)

Jefferson County is making this change to benefit the citizens. The county received complaints that the car tag renewal cards were getting lost in the mail, stuck in mailing inserts and torn up. Having one card per vehicle also made it difficult for owners to ensure they renewed all their vehicles at once. The new letter will include a full-size return envelope, making it easier to return payment for all registered vehicles.

BONUS: the car tag renewal envelope will also include notices about important dates for upcoming events such as Hazardous Waste drop off days.

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2. One letter for all your vehicles saves the County + residents money.

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The new car tag renewal system will save you money. (Unsplash)

Jefferson County completed a financial analysis on the costs, and this new method will save the county money in the long run. While car tag renewal postcards are cheaper individually, having to send four to one household ended up costing more than doing the letter that includes all four renewals in one place.

“In addition to the overall cost savings for the County, the notices also better highlight the online and mail renewal options that will benefit citizens. We don’t want anyone to waste their time and gas driving to the tag renewal office when they don’t have to.”

Scott Moore, Director of Revenue, Jefferson County Commission

3. There’s a $2 mail-in fee.

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Be on the lookout for your car tag renewal notice. (Unsplash)

Yes, there is a $2 fee that is a state act mandated by the legislature. The fee covers the cost of mailing your decal or metal plate to you. The behind the scenes work is often forgotten about. Jefferson County has a team who picks up the mail from the postal service, delivers it every day and works hard to sort, open, fold and insert the registrations. Without them the mail in process would not be possible.

4. The car tag renewal cost will vary depending on your vehicle.

How your car is valued on your tag renewal is set by state statute as well. The price to renew your tag is based on the value of your car. In recent years, car values, especially used cars went up because car production went down during COVID. Citizens should know that 80% of the funds collected go to fund state and municipal governments and local schools boards.

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5. Boats and RVs will soon be included on the renewal letter.

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Gone camping. (Unsplash)

Jefferson County is working on getting boat and RV renewal options added to the car tag renewal form by October. The goal is to provide a notice that increases efficiencies, reduces waste, and provides better experiences for citizens.

Jefferson County wants you to know that they are constantly looking at ways to improve their interactions with the public, whether it’s making it easier to renew a car tag, or the experience if you have to come to the courthouse.

If you have questions or need information visit Jefferson County’s website and look under Departments for Revenue or call the main number 205-325-5171.

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