We asked and 2,480 answered: Bham Now survey results

Bham Now 7th anniversary
Celebrating seven years of FUN. (Bham Now)

Our survey results are in! In late June, Bham Now asked how we could create a more inclusive and exciting atmosphere for our followers. With 2,480 of you giving us feedback, we’re ready to share the highlights.

2023 Reader Survey results

Birmingham Skyline
Home sweet home. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

You are up-and-coming young professionals in our community

It seems like you’re at the prime of your lives, and who are we to argue?

  • 85% are between the ages 21-59
  • 74% have a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • 77% make an income from $50K to over $200K

We may be biased, but we think Birmingham is a great place to live with even better people.

86% want to support businesses you see on Bham Now

Home Run Hero Drive July2022 108 We asked and 2,480 answered: Bham Now survey results
Our team loves supporting local. (Sabrina Palmer / Bham Now)

When we post about local companies and nonprofits, 86% expressed you were more likely to get involved with or buy from them.

Not only do you listen to our local business shoutouts, but 93% of you also recognize the importance of supporting local.

No shocker, there. At Bham Now, we’re also big fans of our local organizations.

You enjoy our upbeat personality

Coming in at 55%, announcements of local businesses and what’s new around the city are the favorite topics for over half of you! In addition, only 3% seem to seek hard-hitting news.

Looks like we’ll have to keep working hard to find all the hottest news—thanks for holding us accountable, Bham.

You are one active bunch

It’s no surprise that social media takes the cake on the preferred channel. 35% of you follow us on Instagram, but our other platforms aren’t far behind. In fact, here’s proof that we have the best audience:

  • 17,272 newsletter subscribers (and counting)
  • 579,000 average monthly page views to bhamnow.com
  • 325,000 social media followers

You’ve got big plans

Patton Crest
Making a major purchase anytime soon? We’ve got the resources for you. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

From buying a new house to planning your dream vacation, 74% of you are looking to make a major purchase in the next year. Making big moves, Bham!

You ‘heart’ us!

Valentines day team photo

From local business announcements to what’s new around the city, we’re so thankful for 99% of you recommending us to other people.

Besides helping make our city a happier and healthier place to live, a bonus to taking this survey was one lucky winner randomly chosen for a $175 gift card to their restaurant of choice.

Congratulations to our winner, Madeline B! She chose her gift card to Bistro 218—a solid choice if we ever saw one.

If you took the time to take this survey, thank you. We’ve got big heart eyes for you, Birmingham.

Don’t forget to keep up with our state-wide and Huntsville brands, The Bama Buzz and Hville Blast.

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