Sloss Tech 2023 welcomed Innovate Alabama’s HBCU Innovation Experience

HBCU at Sloss Tech
Sloss Tech 2023 welcomed HBCU tech entrepreneurs. (Callie Morrison / Bham Now)

The Southeast’s premier tech conference, Sloss Tech, welcomes the best and brightest minds from the tech entrepreneur scene. This year, there is a unique opportunity for HBCU students to explore the realms of the tech ecosystem in Birmingham through Innovate Alabama HBCU’s Lounge & Digital Playground.

Keep reading to learn more about Innovate Alabama, this event and who’s involved.

What is HBCU Innovation Experience?

Before we dive into the Lounge & Digital Playground, let’s reflect on The Innovate Alabama HBCU Innovation Experience.

By fostering innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship, Innovate Alabama seeks to empower the next generation of leaders and bridge the diversity gap in the tech industry. The HBCU Innovation Experience aims to equip students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the technology-driven world.

Lounge & Digital Playground

In a press release, The Innovate Alabama HBCU Innovation Experience announced the Lounge & Digital Playground, which was a focal point of the Sloss Tech 2023 conference. Featuring state-of-the-art Ed Farm tech stations, this immersive experience allowed attendees to see cutting-edge technologies firsthand.

In addition to the engaging tech stations, the Lounge & Digital Playground hosted a series of informative sessions led by industry leaders, providing valuable knowledge and advice on various aspects of technology and entrepreneurship.

Who’s involved?

HBCU at Sloss Tech
Ed Farm has a big role in the Lounge & Digital Playground presentation. (Callie Morrison / Bham Now)

Innovate Alabama shared that the Lounge & Digital Playground was presented in collaboration with:

HBCU alumni were also featured to showcase the accomplishments of successful graduates, inspiring the next generation of students to aim high and achieve their goals.

Executive Director of The Alabama Collective expressed the commitment to providing platforms for HBCU students.

“We are thrilled to bring the Lounge & Digital Playground to Sloss Tech 2023, providing an inclusive platform for HBCU students to explore and excel in the dynamic world of technology.”

Charisse Stokes, Executive Director, The Alabama Collective

The Innovate Alabama HBCU Innovation Experience and others involved in building the next generation of tech are dedicated to celebrating innovation, foster creativity and creating pathways for HBCU students to connect with the tech and business community in Birmingham.

Stay up to date with more initiatives like this at Innovate Alabama’s website.

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