Actor Kurt Russell films scenes in local Calera home for The Rivals of Amziah King movie

Kurt Russell filming in Calera
Lots of familiar faces coming to The Magic City this summer. (Kim Beasley)

We’ve been on high-alert for Matthew McConaughey sightings around Birmingham and now, we can add another well-known name to our list. Kurt Russell has joined The Rivals of Amziah King cast and has been already met some Calera-locals. Keep reading for more information and how you can be on the lookout these popular faces.

How it happened

According to the Shelby County Reporter, the team behind The Rivals of Amziah King approached Calera resident Kim Beasley about her home being used for filming.

Kim heard about recent sightings of McConaughey in different parts of Alabama for filming—but she never dreamed it would bring one of the movie’s other well-known actors, Kurt Russell, to Shelby County, much less her house.

The production team had been in contact with Calera Main Street Executive Director Jackie Batson to scout potential locations for filming in Calera’s downtown area.

The process

Within a few weeks, the team chose several places in the city for filming, including the former Bobby Bowdon’s Discount Furniture store and Unique Industries Inc., but they still needed to find a private residence for several scenes.

Kim’s sister-in-law Ann Davis happened to be in the conversations of finding a house with a pool for filming and asked if Kim would mind her house being considered. Sure enough, in June, the movie’s director and producer asked to come look at her house.

Then finally, in the middle of July, the crew started setting up the two rooms they were going to use in Kim’s house.

Two days later, Kim and her family watched Kurt Russell walk up their driveway with other members of the crew. Filming started at about 9PM and for the next few hours, Kim’s family sat in their yard with some crew members and watched what was happening inside on tablet-like devices.

The impact

Jackie Batson told the Shelby County Reporter what a big project like this means for Calera.

“What we care about from a Calera Main Street perspective is economic impact, and there is always economic impact when somebody comes from out-of-town.”

Jackie Batson, Executive Director, Calera Main Street

As far as Kim and her family, it’s safe to say this was a story for the books. She told Shelby County Reporter what the whole experience was like.

“Everyone was very nice and very polite. All of it was the most amazing ride I have ever been on. I still look at my yard and think, ‘Really, this was here?’”

Kim Beasley

When big names such as Kurt Russell and Matthew McConaughey are not only coming into your small Alabama town, but into your home, it’s a very special moment for everyone involved. Kim expressed her gratitude towards the entire situation.

“We were excited just for them to have even considered us. We’re still starstruck.”

Kim Beasley

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