NEW ADDITION: Cancer research lab opens operations at Pepper Place

In8bio cancer research at Pepper Place
Waiting to welcome you, Bham. (UAB)

In addition to its farmers’ market and Birmingham-classic food spots, Pepper Place has officially welcomed a multimillion-dollar cancer research laboratory, which will be the home of IN8bio. Keep reading for more on this facility and what it means for The Magic City.

Bringing cutting-edge cancer research to Birmingham

In8bio cancer research at Pepper Place
6,000 square-feet of lab space. (UAB)

According to a press release from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), the new addition is IN8bio’s research and development lab.

Located in the Martin Biscuit Building at Pepper Place, this space has around 6,000-square-feet of wet lab space and 4,000-square-feet for offices, conferences and break areas.

IN8bio is a biotechnology company focused on developing cellular therapies for cancer, centered around cancer research developed at UAB and other institutions across the Southeast.

CEO and co-founder William Ho shared his thoughts on bringing this development to Birmingham.

“IN8bio is committed to Birmingham, and we are dedicated to bringing new treatments for difficult-to-treat cancers and leveraging the power of gamma-delta T cells to develop therapies that can eradicate cancer, a vision we refer to as Cancer Zero.”

William Ho, CEO and co-founder, IN8bio

Approved for clinical trial

In8bio cancer research at Pepper Place
Meet the team behind this cutting-edge research development. (UAB)

IN8bio has received FDA clearance to launch a clinical trial that targets newly diagnosed glioblastoma brain tumors, using IN8bio’s gamma-delta T cell immunotherapy.

This study aims to assess safety, efficacy and tolerability of genetically modified immunotherapy cells at leading medical centers across the U.S.

Sweet home Birmingham

Birmingham Commercial Realtors Council
IN8bio’s new home. (Pepper Place)

Pepper Place isn’t IN8bio’s first introduction to the Magic City—this development was born as a startup in Innovation Depot for four years. The company has additional ties to Birmingham with many lab managers and employees earning their degrees from UAB.

IN8bio is continuing to build their team through additional hires, and the new facility is a cornerstone of their commitment to building in Birmingham.

Check out IN8bio’s website for more updates and information on this amazing new Birmingham addition.

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