3 tools to help you save time + manage your power bill


Screen Shot 2023 07 11 at 3.02.35 PM 3 tools to help you save time + manage your power bill
Game changer. (Callie Puryear / Bham Now)

Who doesn’t love finding new ways to save time and money? The experts at Alabama Power shared with us their incredible suite of digital tools that can help you do just that. Let’s just say, we’re big fans. Read on to learn how you can take advantage of tools that let you track your energy usage, set up outage and billing alerts, pay your bill online and so much more.

My Power Usage

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Our team loves the digital tools at Alabama Power. (Bham Now)

Once you create an online account with Alabama Power, you can easily sign up for My Power Usage tools that can help you manage your energy usage, improve your home’s energy efficiency and live more sustainably. This is so helpful at this time of year, when extreme temperatures lead to higher energy usage and possibly higher bills.

“The Alabama Power tools are a great resource and something I am so grateful to have. Being able to track and see my bills from my phone takes away a lot of stress from my busy schedule.”

Callie Morrison, Content Producer, Bham Now

Here are a couple examples of how to use these tools to help you save:

  • With the daily usage graph, you’re able to see spikes in energy usage when you use certain appliances, like your washer or dryer. Knowing when these spikes happen allows you to be more mindful about using those appliances and work on solutions to reduce the impact on your bill.
  • Stay within your budget when you set thresholds at how much you’d prefer to spend per month, and you’ll receive email alerts if you exceed or get near your limit.

“Alabama Power’s digital tools make it easier and faster to manage your account than ever before. More than that, they help inform and equip you to have more control over your energy usage, know what impacts your energy bill and receive alerts on usage and payments. It’s taking the guess work out of managing your account, and helps you save time and energy.”

Foster Ware, Customer Experience Manager at Alabama Power

Sign up for an online account today and manage your account from anywhere.

Receive real-time outage info

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One of the most helpful tools. (Bham Now)

Alabama Power works diligently to safely deliver power, but even so, during severe weather and storms, your power can sometimes flicker or even turn off. We all know the feeling.

Probably the most popular feature of having an online account is the ability to receive outage alerts straight to your phone. These let you know when there’s an outage in your area and provide you with frequent updates on when your power is going to be restored.

PLUS—you can always take a look at their outage map that gives you a full, real-time view of all of the outages in your area.

“Knowing that the outage map is accessible to me and being able to receive real-time alerts has been so helpful. Whenever the power goes out, it’s comforting to know that Alabama Power recognizes the issue and affirms they are doing everything they can to get it back up and running.”

Callie Morrison, Content Producer, Bham Now

“The outage map is so helpful during our crazy Alabama storms. I feel like I am never in the dark about the progress made towards restoring my power.”

Maddi Miller, Content Producer, Bham Now

Make payments easily

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Easily make payments from your phone or computer. (Bham Now)

Cut down on your paper clutter and easily access your bills any time you need, all in one place. With your online account, you can pay in a few different ways:

  • Paperless billing (monthly statements organized + available to pay online)
  • Pay with digital wallet (Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, PayPal + Venmo)
  • Link your bank account and auto pay

“As a very forgetful and often a bit scatterbrained person, paperless billing and autopay have been life savers for me. The stress that these tools take away by allowing me to know that my bills are being paid is hands down my favorite part of the digital tools.”

Callie Puryear, Content Producer, Bham Now

Ready to save time and energy, right from your phone? It’s super easy to sign up for an online account with Alabama Power. You can enroll by either using your past bill, or by providing your name, zip code and the last four digits of your social security number.

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