7 of the best places to get Matcha in Birmingham

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Green tea lovers rejoice! We created a roundup of the best places to get Matcha in the Magic City. Read on for more details.

1. Cala coffee

While coffee’s in its name, Cala serves many different beverages, including a phenomenal Matcha. I recommend ordering it iced and shaken with strawberry flavoring for some extra sweetness.

2. Caveat

Yum! (Caveat Coffee)

This cute Homewood coffee shops serves a variety of drinks, but a go-to of mine is their fab Matcha. Made hot or iced, with many input options, Cala’s Matcha is customized to your preferences.

3. Domestique Coffee

If you’re looking for a classic Matcha Latte, then look no farther than Domestique Coffee. With its own page on the cafe’s website, Domestique offers a variety of milk options. PLUS: You can add a shot of expresso to your Matcha.

4. Hero Doughnuts & Buns

Heros Image scaled e1687973532515 7 of the best places to get Matcha in Birmingham
The new Hero Doughnuts & Buns location in Hoover. (Lauryn Stinson / Bham Now)

From donuts to hamburgers to Matcha, Hero’s has it all. With its flexible hours, you can enjoy your green tea from morning to evening. Following Hero’s new opening in Hoover, the restaurant now has four locations in Alabama. Find which location is closest to you here.

5. Highlands Cafe

Housed within the the Church of the Highlands Grants Mill, this cafe is relatively inexpensive (I only spent two bucks!) and has amazing service. The cafe makes a mean Matcha as well as many different types of coffee.

6. Kale Me Crazy

green apple fruit in clear glass cup
Photo by Christina Rumpf on Unsplash

On a detox? Check out the tasty super matcha smoothie at Kale Me Crazy. In addition to green tea, the drink includes ingredients banana, blueberries, spinach and chia seeds. Yum!

7. ThirsTea Cafe Birmingham

Are you a fan of bubble tea? If so, you should check out the Matcha milk tea flavor at ThirsTea Cafe in Birmingham. With your choice of add-ins, from sweet strawberry boba balls to energizing black tea, customize your boba anyway you like.

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Grace Brindley
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