How one program is leading more students from minority backgrounds to pursue real estate


20230425 131114 How one program is leading more students from minority backgrounds to pursue real estate
While CORE has national reach, its impact is changing lives at The Capstone—this is the CORE Spring Cohort at The University of Alabama. (ACRE)

A few weeks ago, the 2023 Spring Cohort class of 146 Career Opportunities in Real Estate (CORE) students from all over the country received their certificate of completion and left with a new knowledge of the real estate industry. We talked with a couple of the CORE graduates to learn what the program taught them, and what they’ll take from it into their future careers. Keep reading for more.

CORE is advocating for representation in the real estate industry

20230425 114819 How one program is leading more students from minority backgrounds to pursue real estate
Joshua Davis, Assistant CORE coordinator during the spring semester (and Summer 2022 CORE graduate) provided program updates during a recognition lunch. (ACRE)

CORE is an eight-week program within the Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE) that—over the next two decades—will empower over 100,000 members from underrepresented groups to explore careers within real estate.

For CORE grad Micah Burrow, the advocacy for a more diverse workforce in the industry is what makes a program like this so necessary.

“The program offers a rewarding experience of connecting with industry professionals, fellow participants and esteemed mentors. I formed valuable professional connections that have already shaped my career. The program’s emphasis on collaboration and mentorship creates an environment conducive to learning from experienced professionals.

Moreover, CORE strongly promotes diversity and inclusivity in the real estate industry by showcasing successful professionals from diverse backgrounds and advocating for representation. It actively supports inclusive practices, raises awareness about the challenges faced by minority groups and provides resources and support for a nurturing environment.”

Micah Burrow, CORE Graduate

In addition to providing him with a solid foundation of industry knowledge, Micah told us that this program has given him a whole new confidence to navigate the complexities of real estate.

“An initiative like the CORE program is so important because it:

  • provides networking opportunities
  • fosters collaboration and mentorship
  • addresses specific needs and challenges within the real estate industry
  • creates a supportive environment by leveling the playing field and providing equal opportunities”
Micah Burrow, CORE Graduate

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Making progress

CORE cumulative impact
CORE’s cumulative impact through 5 cohorts. (ACRE)

Because of CORE, the real estate program at The University of Alabama (the largest in the country) now has over 120 students—16%—from minority backgrounds pursuing real estate. This is nearly a double-digit increase in less than 18 months.

2023 cohort student Jacob Price was the most surprised to learn about the multitude of factors that play into the many different career paths of real estate.

“I would recommend this program to anyone even slightly interested in real estate. It was very helpful learning about of diverse sectors of real estate and not just focusing too heavily on one. This knowledge is particularly important for narrowing your career goals to something your are passionate towards.”

Jacob Price, CORE Graduate

The Alabama Center for Real Estate is creating leaders all over

20230425 131705 How one program is leading more students from minority backgrounds to pursue real estate
ACRE interns make it all happen. (ACRE)

The CORE program isn’t the only way that ACRE is teaching students valuable industry knowledge and providing real world experience. In May, ACRE was also able to recognize student interns, teaching assistants, student officers and more.

“Being an intern at ACRE has truly been one of the best experiences I’ve had at The Capstone this far. I’ve primarily worked as a marketing intern which included designing graphics for events and sending email blasts out to students.

I also got to assist in launching a student-led organization through ACRE called the Capstone Collegiate Real Estate Academy which has developed my leadership and social skills greatly. I’ve found a family at ACRE that I know will be there for me even after I graduate.”

Sophie Williamson, Intern, ACRE

ACRE’s Executive Director Grayson Glaze called the student interns the “secret sauce” of the organization and credits them for the impactful output that their small Center is making across the country.

CORE’s Summer Cohort is the largest to date with over 200 students pursuing the credential. CORE is currently accepting applications for the Fall Cohort that kicks off September 25. Apply today.

Learn more about CORE, the incredible work ACRE is doing + how you can support it today.

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