FREE BILLY! A  goat has been on the run between Mountain Brook & Birmingham since Monday

Mountain Brook
(Mountain Brook Police Department)

Have you seen this goat?

“Billy the Goat on Elder Street (Leigh Doud)

As of 8:00PM on Thursday night, “Billy” the goat is still on the run somewhere between Birmingham and Mountain Brook on Montclair Road. 

Nicknamed “Billy,” animal lover Therese Bynum has been tracking the  mischievous goat since the news of his “walkabout” exploded on social media on Monday.

In an interview with Bham Now, Therese said it is believed Billy first got loose along Montclair Road in the parking lot of the Publix. 

Since then, has been spotted at the Levite Jewish Community Center, the grounds of the former Montclair Hospital, Montclair Animal Hospital and around the Mountain Brook, Birmingham and Irondale neighborhoods


Therese, who has  owned certified emotional support therapy goats for about a decade, is retired, so she has time to chase Billy. Once the elusive goat is captured, she hopes to place him in a local animal rescue program.

That almost happened Thursday afternoon,when Billy was found by some Good Samaritans. Unfortunately, Billy once again escaped when he was being transported.

Where will Billy end up next?  No one knows. Be careful. Lookout for him while driving on Montclair.

In the meantime, Billy is quickly becoming a folk hero. On the What’s Happening Mountain Brook Facebook page, a local is already producing Free Billy art and t-shirts. Here is the page where you can buy some merch.

Have you seen Billy? Take a snapshot? We love photos of the wandering goat. Please share them with us on social media by tagging us @bhamnow

Stay tuned for updates.

Pat Byington
Pat Byington

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