Meet 3 startups rocking Birmingham’s business world

Stockd concierge services startups
Stockd is one of many startups taking the business world by a storm. (Stockd Concierge Services)

It’s time for another roundup featuring local Birmingham innovators doing big things in the business world. Keep reading for three startups you need to know about now.

1. BrightPay Health Corp

BrightPay Health Corp
Shielvonda Haith knows the importance of access to healthcare first-hand. (BrightPay Health Corp)

BrightPay Health Corp—a tech platform that helps both providers and patients in understanding, planning and paying for healthcare services—was created after Founder Shielvonda Haith’s daughter had an urgent healthcare need that required more than $7,000 of out-of-pocket costs. Financially unprepared and unable to find any financing options, Haith saw the importance of access to healthcare financing.

BrightPay strives to ensure people have access to healthcare, regardless of professional or financial status.

Learn more about BrightPay Health Corp: Website | LinkedIn | Member Info

2. The Gathering Lab

Alabama Launchpad
(The Gathering Lab)

Janet King, Founder of The Gathering Lab, aims to facilitate a new way to grow human connections into strong, meaningful networks. The Gathering Lab matches diverse groups of 8-12 people (based on similar interests, values and/or life stage) and invites them to connect authentically over fellowship.

If you are looking for way to build community, find your people, or meet folks you might not otherwise, join the waitlist 

Keep up with The Gathering Lab: Website | Instagram | LinkedIn

3. Stockd Concierge Services

Groceries delivered right to your door as soon as you arrive on vacation! (Stockd Concierge Services)

Stockd Concierge Services allows you to arrive at your beach rental or home with all your favorite groceries pre-delivered for you.

Drew Willoughby and John Price explained how the idea came as they were on vacation and found themselves standing in the grocery store wishing they were at the beach. After this, Willoughby and Price wanted to come up with a way to avoid going straight to the grocery store as soon as you arrive on vacation.

As part of the first cohort to go through the Voltage Program at Innovation Depot, Willoughby and Price received guidance to launch their idea.

More info about Stockd Concierge Services: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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